Better today

Yep. Truly. I am! I did my dumbbells yesterday for 30 minutes and damn if those endorphins from the lifting didn’t help make me feel better! I also had a long talk with my son about how upset the things he’s been saying have been making me and he said he would try to control his anger better. Then late last night he told me that he would break something again. 🙄 Teens

It’s 4:55am. I awoke at 4:21, wide awake. Maybe it is because I woke up with my watch on my bed and not on my arm. Maybe it’s because I turn 45 today. Maybe something in the house woke me up. Maybe my dog woke me up (she went back to sleep when she realized I wasn’t taking her out). Who knows. I’m awake! After I write this, I’m going to jump in the shower, walk the dog, then take off for the day. I already warned my son that I wouldn’t be here but his grandmother is off today so he needs to be good.

I checked Snapchat this morning as I do every morning (it tells me how late my son stayed awake) and I saw he posted this. how sweet! He hates it when I take a picture of his snaps but I don’t think he will mind this one. Plus no snaps after this so he went to bed right after midnight.

I finished Night Shift on Netflix yesterday. I went to look for something else and saw that Luke Cage AND Supergirl both have new episodes so I know what I will be watching next. I love Marvel!

My exercise today will be walking around Minute Maid park at the game. I’m not going to go out of my way to do more. Last time I went to the game with my cousin, I had 13,000 steps that day. I think I will be fine! I’m also going to eat before I go so I’m not spending a bunch of money there. Although those Park peanuts sound pretty good!

Have a great day. I plan on having one. If you’re in Houston and at the ballpark, hit me up!

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