Day 1

I love the beach! Not as much as I love the mountains though.

We got here around 2pm and the owner let us come in an hour early. She even got me a birthday balloon! We got settled in and then B went to Walmart for an air mattress since this place is pretty small and no couch, just 2 small rooms with one bed each. B and I are having to share the queen bed. No big deal since we have been friends for 34 years.

He does frustrate me at times though. He kept picking on my son and eventually made him cry last night at dinner. We went to a place called Fish Tales across from Pleasure Pier. I had blackened tilapia and it was outstanding! My son actually ate some bbq ribs. He ordered a full rack but could only eat half. He had also eaten mini doughnuts, an entire bag of Cheetos, and some Dippin Dots. He drank like 7 glasses of water while he was eating so gee, I wonder why his stomach hurt after dinner? B had bread pudding with Baileys on it. It looked SO good but I am sticking to my keto!

We are now on day 2. The boys are going to the water park and B and I are supposed to go back to the house and he wants to make steaks. I stayed on track yesterday and only had 18 total carbs. I am wearing a size large bathing suit which amazes me.

I am posting a lot of videos on my Instagram – juliehcares.

Have a great Saturday! I will catch up on reading everyone’s posts when I have a free moment. Hugs!

27 thoughts on “Day 1

      1. I ate very few carbs for the first time yesterday and I had some consequences like bad head ache, chills, nausea. I am learning slowly about my tolerance. My husband was warned he might get diabetes if he continues on his path, so now we are both eating better and exercising more. Enjoy your vacation.

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  1. Now, you’re making me hungry for bread pudding. Lol. Don’t let B do that to your son. Have Fun. By the way, the suit looks great!

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    1. Thank you! Itโ€™s exciting! Iโ€™m not a fan but it looked pretty good. Yeah, we got into a fight over it this morning. ๐Ÿ™„
      We are having fun for sure!


  2. I hope you enjoy your vacation! You really deserve it! You look pretty awesome! All of the food which I feasted my eyes upon looked delicious as well!

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      1. Actually I’m going to take my young cousin to college next weekend. We are going to use it as a mini vacation lol I’m so excited to get out of town

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