Day 2

We woke up at 6:30 and was out the door at 7am to walk to a grocery store that had dental adhesive since I forgot mine (that’s a necessity for me). We walked 2 miles. One mile down the road to the place and a mile back on the beach.

OMG. Let me start off by saying what a damn morning yesterday was after that! B was tired and cranky and took it out on me. We got the kids to the water park, not before he was screaming at me to get out of the car because he passed by where a drop off place was and I mentioned that we could have stopped there. Then we went to Walmart, twice. He returned the cooler he had bought (for no reason since I had already brought one), I had forgotten to get the beach towels so we had to go back.

We come back to the house and go to the beach for 2 1/2 hours. I took Amber into the water walking and a wave went over her so she got soaked. She was NOT happy about that!She got to share a snow cone with B too. I gave her a bath when we got back. B falls asleep in a patio chair and tells me to take his SUV to pick up the boys. My son’s friend told B (on day 1) that my son had been kicked out of their other friends house for being disrespectful. Since I had never heard that, I text the kids Dad (same one that sent his son to the hotel and expected me to watch him). He text me back and said only the first time my son was over there and it was because he was cussing – not being disrespectful. So then I was upset at my son’s friend for lying about what had actually happened and B for agreeing with this kid and not standing up for my son when he’s supposed to be my bestie.

I go and get them at the park. I only had to wait about 5 minutes for them to come to the gate (thankfully). They had spent their $20 each during the 6 hours they were there and were starving. We came home and B started up the grill. 20 minutes later (at 5:15pm), the boys get their burgers. Then I have to wait until he does the steaks which he then said the grill sucks so it will take a long time. He had me do the asparagus. Finally, at 6:30pm, I get to eat. Asparagus with garlic and butter and some Japanese steak that he said cost $80 a piece (I looked at the package – they were $30 a piece). I mean, really? Why lie? What’s the point? 😤 The steak was alright, then again, I’m not a big steak person. Whatever though. I was too hungry to care. All I had before that was literally one serving of peanuts, one serving of walnuts, and a tiny can of chicken spread.

B and my son’s friend took off to the beach after dinner leaving me and my son at the house. Good. I needed a shower without 3 men in the house and my son took a shower after the water park and didn’t want to get sandy or wet again. I don’t blame him. We did not go down to the beach for fireworks at 9pm (they were having a 4th of July party a bit early). I didn’t care. I didn’t want to go out after my shower and really didn’t want to have to put on bug spray again.

This morning, we will drop the boys back at the water park for a birthday party and then B will drive home to his place with me. Then, I will get my car and drive back to the water park to help out the other mother and be here to drive these 2 boys home. I am ready for the weekend to be over with these 2. Next time, I am only bringing my son on vacation.

I honestly had a good weekend, I just hate when people are rude or lie. I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted them gone. Yesterday I walked over 14,000 steps. I wonder how many I will get today?

20 thoughts on “Day 2

      1. It reminds me of last September when there was a hurricane watch and friends of my husband had to come from across the bay so we had his friend, his friend’s ex-wife who smokes constantly and their teenage son for 2 days. Work was cancelled and the ex-wife hang out in the doorway smoking. It was very uncomfortable. At least you have great weather.

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      2. It was and she smoked in front of the generator. My husband kept telling me to calm down! And this summer, his son and his son’s girlfriend are living with them, so if we have a hurricane watch and they have to evacuate they come here. I keep telling myself it will only be for 2 days at the most. He and my husband have been friends for 30 years. It is the crew he brings which is overwhelming. Well, try to enjoy the day.

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  1. Sounds like a vacation from hell. I am also confused why if this dad kicked your kid out for using profanity that he would let his child hang out with your child that makes no sense…

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  2. B does not sound like he’s been very nice to your son or you at all. What is wrong with him?! You guys should’ve been stress-free & having a good time. Sorry he ruined it for you… & lying about what kind of steak he bought?! For what?! Lol. Next time you go on vacation, bring me instead. 🙂

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