Day 3

I’m home!!! I weighed in for my official one month weigh in!

Yesterday was BORING. We woke up. My son’s friend and B went to Walmart to return the air mattress and pump and get breakfast. Why it took an hour and a half I have NO clue! We had to have the boys at the water park before 10 and they didn’t get back until after 9! So my son and I had already cleaned and packed our stuff and had to wait on them. We were starving by the time they got back too. They didn’t get me anything so I just ate my son’s sausage off his pancake platter. I had to eat something!

We got to the park at exactly 10am and waited on the party. They were a bit behind but that was a good thing since we were too! She changed her mind last minute about giving my son’s friend a ticket so I had to buy his. 😡 Those tickets were $52.99! Whatever. They all went in. She called me soon after asking if he had taken one of her tickets because she was missing one. WTH woman? I spent all that money and then you want to say we stole one of yours??? I should have text her my receipt. That pissed me off. I am not like that.

So I took B home and we put everything into my car and I took off back to Galveston with the dog. I went into the Whataburger drive through since I had her. I was so hungry! I got a kids burger and ate it with no bun after waiting for them to go kill a cow, process the meat, and make the patty (it took 10 minutes to get my little burger).

Amber and I drive down to the island. I don’t know where to go or what to do and was so tired, I parked in the water park parking lot and sat. For 5 hours. No bathroom, no food, just my a/c going and Netflix on my phone. Okay, after 2 hours, I went to this pet store a few miles down the road and the guy in there let me use his nasty bathroom even though he wasn’t supposed to. I bought Amber some treats because that was really nice of him. And I ate some sunflower seeds that were in a baggie in my trunk (I had brought them with me on the trip). But that’s it in 5 hours!

The boys finally came out right at 5pm. We took off and stopped at Bucee’s for snacks, bathroom, and to let Amber pee. If you are ever in Texas, stop at Bucee’s. I love that place! I got some Aloe Vera Gel as both boys were sunburnt from hell as well as some cheese cubes and a protein bar. Plus I got to relieve myself, finally! Then the boys went in and got what they wanted. My son got dippin dots ice cream and his friend got some thing for your phone that you stick on the back and can hold it that way. Whatever that is.

We get back on the road and get an invitation to go to a pool, cookout, astros game on tv July 4th party from my son’s friends mom. Cool. That sounds fun. We get home and drop my son’s friend off at his other friends house and get home at 7pm. As I am unpacking the car, my mom pulls up.

She realized that she forgot my birthday last week and hands me a card with a visa gift card inside. That was nice. I told her that’s why I had booked the trip and she says OOH! 🙄 I got everything put away and finally got to come into my room to relax. I watched an episode of Luke Cage and passed out by 10:30pm after eating a leftover burger patty with a slice of cheddar cheese on it. I had way too much protein yesterday but I didn’t care. Too tired!

My official weigh in. If you remember, I was 182 on May 31st. This morning, I am 170.6. What??? Holy crap! That’s awesome! Keto works! I’m only 4.4 pounds from being out of the overweight BMI! I am so excited and happy about this! Especially after having such a frustrating weekend! I didn’t really exercise yesterday obviously. But that’s okay. I had walked 15,088 steps on day 2!

I only have one job and it’s not until this afternoon. So why am I awake so early? Who knows! How was your weekend? If you are in America, do you have plans for Independence Day?

22 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Wow, 170 is fantastic! Great job but you deserve it you have been sticking to this really well! I don’t have big plans for the 4th the family is going to New York without me lol. So we are saving all our money for their trip! I am honestly so very happy for them, they deserve it! Damn that ticket was expensive lol. Sorry I missed your bday, Happy belated to you my friend!

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate you more than you know. I’m glad they get to go and that you will get some quiet time to yourself to do what you need to do. Yeah, everything seems too expensive these day. I’m a bit excited about the weight loss too! I can’t believe how awesome keto is!

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      1. You’re the awesome one all diets work homie you just have found something that you can stick too! I’m very proud of you!

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  2. It sucks when your parents forget your Birthday, but at least you were gone, so it’s not to late. I love Buckees! We stopped there on my Honeymoon (when I was married) and I got a stuffed one.

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  3. Buc-cee’s – giiiirl you are speaking my love language! Lol – I adore that place. What a weird thing to say about a gas station but I guess it’s a Texas thing you can’t explain. And you’re a rockstar for sticking to your guns food choices and for being a wonderful mama. Really. ❤️

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    1. You are so sweet! I love keto actually, it’s so easy!
      I know, right? Bucee’s is awesome but it is kind of strange to tell people I love a gas station and convenience store. 😂
      Best public bathrooms EVER too!

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  4. Oh you rock star!! Well done! That’s fabulous 🎉🎀🎈⭐️
    Do you have a five guys near you? They do fabulous burgers that you can order with no bun or wrapped in lettuce which I love as I’m not a big bread fan at all.
    I can’t wait for the 4th! This will be my third as a citizen and I’m excited. I love this country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  5. What? That’s so rude that they didn’t come with a breakfast for you & even more rude of that mother to say you stole his ticket. That is a hefty price! Sorry you had to pay for his ticket instead of being able to go in yourself. Sitting in the car for 5 hrs with no bathroom or food does not sound like fun. Also, I’m sorry your mom forgot your birthday but I’m glad she somehow remembered it.

    170 is outstanding, Julie!!! Good work! ♡♡♡

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