Loot Crate time again!

So when I got home from my mini vacation, I had a box waiting for me on my front porch. Thanks Mom for picking it up and bringing it inside (she didn’t). πŸ™„

The box looks a bit rough here. I wonder what’s inside?

Well obviously I see a stuffed animal and a t-shirt! I love the color of that shirt! Let’s get it out!

I think this is the saddest Jurassic Park t-shirt I have ever seen. Come on guys! There is so much you could have done and this is it? Too bad too because that really is a great color.

The stuffed dinosaur is cute even though it’s small (it has to be to fit in the box!). If I kept stuffed animals, I would keep this guy! Interesting bag. I’ve always found these kind of bags rip quickly. I don’t even know what that is. Do any of you? It looks like some kind of machine?

One of those cards that changes when you turn it. I love the Hulk but what am I supposed to do with this again? Are these things getting more and more boring or is it just me? Maybe I had such a sad weekend that I can’t see how cool they are?

Finally, my pin for the month. This is cool! It looks like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park but with a smile. Lol!

This months box went straight to my son as I have no interest in any of it (although I kept the pin for my collection of loot crate pins). Even he thought the shirt was lame but said he would wear it just to have his friends ask him what it is about.

Tune in next month for another box! My subscription ends in December so only 5 more boxes to go!

12 thoughts on “Loot Crate time again!

  1. Love the dino toy!
    We have an insane amount of toys in our. Almost emberrasing for 2 adult people haha.
    But when I see a cute one, it’d break my heart to leave without buting one. Gift shops at zoos are a danger place for my bank accound πŸ˜…

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