Time at home

Since I was without reading and blogging for 3 days, I got a lot done. I watched Netflix (Supergirl and finished Luke Cage). I made an appointment to meet with an advisor at the University of Houston because I GOT ACCEPTED!!!! I go to find out what classes I need today.I got my certificate from my nutrition class from Houston Community College. I talked to my mom. I made my son some pumpkin brownies (which he ate all in one day) and some croissants (also ate an entire container in one sitting which is 8 croissants). He got really sunburnt at the water park. I haven’t spoken to B since I dropped him off on Sunday. I’m still irritated at his attitude the whole weekend. I wish he hadn’t come. I would have had a better time. I have talked to Dallas and Kansas friends because they are awesome and agree that he was an ass. I had one client his week and today is the third day with her so I didn’t make much. It poured for July 4th so I didn’t leave the house. Instead I read this book Fat for Fuel by Dr. Mercola. It’s about a diet plan similar to Keto called MMT. It makes a lot of sense too.When I got home, my mom realized that she had forgotten my birthday and gave me that gift card I told you guys about. I went on Amazon and ordered a bunch of Keto snacks. I got Fat Snax cookies, Quest cookies, macadamia nuts, Just the Cheese bars, and low carb Melba toast. God I hope those taste good! I love crackers (that and cookies are my weakness) so if these are good, I will definitely get more! I also got some chocolate squares that say they are 1 carb each. That would be great so let’s hope they taste good!I took my monthly pictures to compare how I’m doing. The first 2 are January to now and then the next 2 are June 1st to July 1st. I lost an inch all over in the past month but I don’t really see it. I really do between January and now though. It’s crazy! This white shirt is the one the church gave my son when he was baptized on beach retreat. I can wear his clothes! How crazy is that?I exercised on Monday but not Tuesday or yesterday as I strained a muscle swimming and the doctor told me to rest at least 3 days. There goes my goal of hitting my watch move goal this month! Oh well. The end of June weigh in, I was down to 170.6. OMG. If it wasn’t for this belly fat, I would be the perfect size that I’ve always wanted to be. I think that’s all to catch you up since I was locked out for 3 days. I emailed WordPress over and over and finally it was fixed this morning. God I hope I never have that problem again. That was awful! Plus it looks like all the pictures that I used to have on here are gone. I hope they are still in the blogs!I missed chatting with you guys. You can always reach me via email at juliehcares@gmail.com or on Instagram juliehcares.

8 thoughts on “Time at home

  1. You were locked out of WordPress? Did they tell you why? I’m glad you’re back though! Your progress is awesome!!!!! Congrats on losing the inch! I could actually see the difference. I know you couldn’t but it’s there! I have never heard of most of those snacks that you ordered!

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    1. Yeah, it wouldn’t accept my password and it wouldn’t send me the email to reset it. Then the holiday so it was a HUGE pain!
      Thank you so much! And the snacks are very helpful when I’m craving cookies!

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  2. Congratulations on getting accepting into University! Yay! I do think you should confront B & ask him what his problem was. You guys have been friends for so long. Maybe something was bothering him?!

    All of those snacks look delicious & your weight loss progress is so amazing, Julie. ♡

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