A day..Friday

I’m supposed to be happy it’s Friday, right? It’s honestly just another day around here. I am staying positive though!On my way to get Styled this morning, I parked in a parking lot because I was early and I saw a homeless guy sleeping outside a liquor store. I felt bad for him and didn’t want the employees to yell at him when they got there so I went over and woke him. He was wearing a hospital band and barely roused when I woke him. I gave him a Quest cookie I had on me and I hope he ate it. They are good for energy. He went right back to sleep though when I walked away. I heard a commercial in my car from Pepsi. They are now giving away stuff if you save up Pepsi points. Coca Cola just stopped (or changed what they did) doing this a year or so ago. So if you decide to slowly kill yourself with sugar and chemicals by drinking their soda, you can get a foosball table or something else. Really? It reminded me of when cigarette companies used to do that. If something is bad for you, they want to keep you as a customer so they will give you free stuff. No thanks. photo from http://www.pepsistuff.comI dropped Styled off at her hair place and then got gas where some dude showed me the staples in his chest from being in the hospital and asked for a smoke, weird. I went and picked up the pictures from July 1st at Walgreens (end of month photos) and then went to see Cranky. She is back using her rollator and refuses to use the standard walker. She said the standard one is too tall so I lowered it to the height of her rollator yet she said she won’t use it. The rollator has 4 wheels and she can’t keep up with it so it gets away from her and makes her fall and get hurt. Plus – she threw away her teeth partial that cost her son around 2 grand. Her caregiver found them in the trash. She told me they are not good and they hurt her. That’s not a reason to throw them away! She said she wants a new one. Lord help me! Her dentist is not in his office on Friday’s so I have to call him on Monday.I picked Styled up and took her to the grocery store. She got a shingles shot while I did her shopping. I then got her home and then came home myself. My son’s friend is still here. His mom is coming later to pick him up even though I offered to drop him off. Okay. That’s fine.At the grocery store, they were selling these mini brownies. According to their label, they are 10 calories and only 1 carb per brownie with icing on them! This was on all of the packages in the display. I had to look this up on myfitnesspal. According to them, a mini brownie with icing is 110 calories and 13 carbs. What do y’all think? I looked a bunch of options on myfitnesspal and this was actually the lowest calorie one I could find! There’s nothing on the package about sugarfree either so I think they were misprinted.Now I am watching Supergirl some more and going to relax. We are supposed to go to a bbq tomorrow afternoon since the original party was cancelled on Wednesday. We shall see if we go! I am going to try to go out walking today but only if I feel like it. It’s hot and I’m not really motivated to do anything. Have a wonderful day!

25 thoughts on “A day..Friday

  1. I would gain weight usually by sniffing brownies! That is incredible. That was nice of you to give your food away for the homeless person. When we owned our store, there was a woman who would sit outside on the bench in front of the bus stop for hours with no where to go. I gave her something to drink. I later saw here hitch a ride to the local motel to stay there.

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      1. This low carb diet is working for me but often I am hungry. My husband has already lost 10 lbs. I have more carbs per day and lose less. His is more geared toward not getting diabetes. Mine is for losing weight. It is challenging.

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      2. When you eat meat, eat the fatty portions, like chicken with the skin on or sausage. I use full fat salad dressing. In coffee, you can use heavy whipping cream which is pure fat and no carbs like milk. You can find fat bomb recipes on Pinterest that will get extra fat in your day. These are just a few suggestions. If you decide to do it, total of 20 net carbs a day which is total carbs minus fiber.

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      3. I think we can because we are both making the effort. For my husband, it is medical and for me, it is personal and weight loss but it definitely helps we are on the same page.

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  2. you have a kind heart – I feel it often but especially today and the homeless guy got your quest and good energy vibes!!

    and you likely do not want my opinion – but I say get off all grains and sugars and the intestines are happy.


      1. oh good for you – and so much to learn –
        I do not use the word keto too much – I just think about what is good for intestinal and organ health and grains and sugars are not…
        at least for me

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  3. Aw that was sweet of you to give one of your cookies to the homeless man. I really wonder if those mini brownies were misprinted? I’d eat all of ’em if they weren’t! Lol

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  4. I think Pepsi and Coca Cola will ultimately fold if they don’t change their types of fizzy drinks. Sugar free or otherwise…it is all bad. With people wanting to eat healthier, I think they will lose market share.

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    1. You never know. They have come up with drinks made that are better, just not healthy. I think there are too many people in the world that want their sugar for them to fold (like my mother).

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      1. Truth be told..my last fizzy drink was drunk in 1988. I dare not drink any fizzy drinks including fizzy Perrier or San Pellegrino..for sure there are sugars. You are right about people like your mum..they just won’t give it up. I suppose it is like a narcotic…caffeine gets one hooked!

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      2. I am totally addicted to caffeine! I just don’t do sugar. The two you mentioned are just water, no sugar. I promise!
        My son doesn’t like anything fizzy and I’m happy about that!

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