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I have been researching the keto diet since my doctor put me on it in April. Today, I ran across this article that a “dietician” wrote and it made me batty. She says, without ever doing the plan for herself, that it is hard to stay on and will not work long term. REALLY? I have been doing this for 4 months and have had my days where I ate carbs but went right back on plan because it is SO easy to stay on! For anyone out there wondering, the keto diet is 70% healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, full fat dressings, real butter, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, etc), 25% protein (basically 1 g for each pound of weight you are), and 5% carbohydrates. There are NO restrictions on what you can eat! When I get to dinner each day, I check how many carbs I have had so far. Take the other day for example. By 6pm, I had only eaten 7 carbs. I am supposed to have 20 a day. So I ate a serving of crackers with some chicken and shredded cheese! The crackers had 10 carbs per serving which put me at 17 for the day which is fine for me. I have some days where I have had 24 carbs and some days had 15. I have stayed in ketosis every day (except when I had over 80 carbs in a day). There are numerous books, doctors, and studies that show this diet is VERY useful in helping diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, asthma, MS, etc. You can stay on it long term. It can be very easy to do, especially if you can follow a recipe!There are numerous websites with keto recipes. There are tons of calorie counting apps for your phone that will also help you keep track of carbs. There are millions of people that are on social media that are more than happy to help you learn, including me!Website for Keto recipes: there are many more! These are just the ones I gravitate to since their recipes seem to taste really good.You can make candy on keto. You can make bread and cake and biscuits. You can pretty much turn ANY of your favorite recipes into a keto friendly meal! I post recipes on here and on my Instagram.I hope that you will do your own research and talk to your doctor before starting a plan like this one. I was lucky since my doctor is the one that put me on it to begin with for inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome. Please do not listen to people like the woman I spoke of that have not been on the plan or do not know firsthand the benefits it reaps. If you got this far, thank you for letting me rant. I am living proof that the keto life is the way for me. My CFS and inflammation has gone down immensely and the wonderful side effect is that I have lost lots of pounds. Again, talk to your doctor and do the research yourself if you don’t believe me.picture from

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  1. I’ve been following you (obviously) and am thinking a few things. First, if I ever could try this, I’d have to get over the ketoacidosis thing. The colors on the urine sticks meant that the brighter the color, the sicker my body was and I needed admitted into the ER.
    I also cannot eat fats since my gall bladder was removed. I eat some, but few. I don’t eat nuts anymore (because peanuts and those sorts caused yeast infections) and I rarely eat cheese. I don’t drink milk and do take calcium pills in their place.
    I have loved watching you change and thrive on this diet. It really isn’t for everyone, just ones who can do it. You are amazing and look awesome and just wow!!!!!!

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    1. Well, keto acidosis is completely different from being in ketosis. I had to look up the difference when I first started. I am actually hypoglycemic and do not have a gallbladder either. I am lactose intolerant when it comes to milk and ice cream but I can eat hard cheeses (I’m lucky that way). This doctor puts diabetics on this diet all the time because it helps with that.
      I really have thrived on this. I talked to my doctor to work out everything which is why I always say to talk to a doctor. So if your doctor approved it, you could. I can help if he ever said to do it.

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    1. Don’t we all! I still have my days where I will have a piece of cake or go crazy with carbs and eat a banana. I just get right back on it. If you cook, it’s actually really easy to stay on. I make biscuits and bread that are keto friendly. Good luck!

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  2. What type of crackers did you have? If you are simply counting carbs, I could see crackers working. There aren’t any store bought crackers that are officially within the Keto realm for people who are strict Keto. It isn’t just the carb count, it is zero grains, limited fruits and veggies due to sugar content etc.
    I miss crackers so I would love to know what you had. I have made my own before, I may need to do that again.

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    1. I wouldn’t say I am strict keto although I rarely eat the crackers. If I have way too many carbs left for the day and have calories left, I eat these heb store brand deli crackers that are 10 carbs.
      Since I am not diabetic, I can have sugar although don’t have it often. I also made my own keto bread.
      Even on strict keto, veggies are good and that’s where you should get most of your carbs from.

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  3. Hello! I am new to keto by just over a month and I have lost 12 lbs! definletly many benefits and I have changed the way I eat! This is the first diet that has every worked for me!

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  4. I just started Keto 2 weeks ago and I love it. Its really easy to follow and you’re right. One day you can eat those carbs and the next day get right back on track.

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  5. Oh now you have my interest piqued… there such a thing as a Keto pizza? And what about drinking? I will have to seriously check this diet out. I don’t care about the weight loss even though I weigh enough for two grown women but for the Fibro and the endless exhaustion and the brain fog……I just opened my own little shop and I have so much to do but so little energy to do it. Maybe this is what I need to try……

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    1. There is keto pizza! There are many recipes for it and if you don’t feel like cooking, there is a company called Real Good Foods that makes a pizza with a chicken crust (in the frozen meal department). To me, it has been very easy since I cook. I do have friends that find it difficult though. I think it depends on how focused you are!

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