It’s Sunday

I have not exercised in 6 days. Wow. I need to go walking. Just walking! I can do that, I just need to get up and moving. The problem is, I just don’t want to! BUT I also don’t want to sit around anymore, that gets boring quick! You can only watch so much Netflix. Well, I have watched the entire season of Supergirl (I really enjoyed it) and even an episode of Big Brother thanks to Hunida recommending it (season 20 episode 1 and it was more interesting than I thought it would be). So I need to step AWAY from the screen for a while!pic from theconversation.comAs I said, I am going to cook today. We did go to the party yesterday. It was pouring at my house but dry at theirs. All 3 boys went swimming and I talked to the other parents and one of the kids grandmother. She works making sure planes are good to fly. So I had to ask her about all the issues lately with windows in planes. That’s not her department but she said sometimes the planes don’t get checked when they’re supposed to. Well, how can we, as the riders, know when the plane was checked last? She couldn’t tell me. That didn’t make me want to fly more!pic from popularmechanics.comThe Dad that gives his kid everything was there and he and I talked. I understand him a bit more now. He grew up in a small town with not much and wants to give his kids everything he didn’t have. Their mom is an addict so he’s alone raising 3 kids after they divorced. He’s 52 with 16 and 13 year old boys plus a 6 year old girl. His mom helps him too. None of this excuses him leaving his teenager in a hotel room alone with 2 friends with me down the hall watching 3 other kids but I understand that it was a little break for him. Both of our boys stayed overnight at the party house and he said he will bring my son home this afternoon so I have a break today. That was kind. My son said that even though he hates his grandma, he doesn’t want to move because that would take him away from his friends. I told him we can’t anyway because I have to find a good job that pays well enough to pay bills AND rent if we did move. And I am waiting until I finish my bachelors in nutrition to do that (unless I can find someone that will give me a job while I’m in school). He wants to stay here through high school. Not sure if I can last 5 more ears but we shall see!image from monster.comIts almost 9am and I guess I need to take my poor little doggie out for a walk. Y’all have a great Sunday!

13 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. Ooh!! You watched Big Brother?! Let me know when you get all the way caught up so we can talk about who we hate & love, hehe. 😀 I’m always scared of riding on airplanes, too… & now you’ve given me even more reason to worry. I feel bad for the kid & his father now, I shouldn’t have talked crap about them. :/

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