Hello Monday!

I didn’t go to bed until 1am or so. I ended up not exercising at all. Well, not formal exercise. I rearranged my room and cleaned out some of my mom’s room. She really needs to get rid of stuff! I didn’t know what to do with most of it so just moved it around so she can get to it all easier. I moved a shelving thing into my closet so I have a few shelves which I’ve already packed. I am parked outside Ms. Forgets house to take her to the medical center for a colonoscopy. Poor thing. Those SUCK! I brought books, my iPad, and of course my phone to keep me entertained. I also brought food and water because who knows how long we will be there! I did not cook yesterday. All of the food was frozen so I took it out to thaw. I put a poll on Instagram to see if anybody wanted me to video when I cook and I got 100% yes! I will try but I have to set it up and since I’m alone doing this, we’ll see how it works.I’ll keep y’all posted!

4 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. It sounds like when I worked in security checking in visitors to a gated community while going to grad school full time. The job enabled me to study a lot and read, finish papers, etc. I also met some interesting people.

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  2. I had to pay for a license and train in security but it was a good second job during school which paid ok and enabled me to work 7-3 on the weekends. My husband did this also while in grad school. We both had some interesting gigs at some private communities in Florida and some businesses. It was sometimes boring but sometimes very interesting.

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