Good day

It actually was. I still didn’t go out and exercise. I seem to have fallen off the wagon there and need to get back on quick. I picked up Ms. Forgets at 8:10am. We didn’t get home until 12:45pm. I came home and decided to cook. I made burgers my way with veggies, chorizo and egg, chicken wings, and a cream cheese brownie. I put videos on Instagram but here are pictures of the foods.I spent 3 hours in the kitchen cooking. That counts for something, right? Well, not according to my Apple Watch but whatever. I was moving around for hours dammit! The boys said the brownie tasted burnt. To me it was awesome! That’s their problem. I’ll be happy to eat it! I followed a keto recipe for it found on HERE. I didn’t taste anything burnt other than the edge of the cheesecake part and I don’t care! It was that good! The recipe says it’s 2 net carbs but according to myfitnesspal (where I put in each and every ingredient to get an accurate count), it is actually 11 net carbs and it was totally worth all 11! I only made 8 pieces to her 9 and I don’t take out carbs for the sweetener like some people do which is probably why hers (or theirs) was much lower.On Sunday, I went WAY over my calories and my net carb total. I had 1925 calories and 30 carbs. I still ended up doing well for the week. I am not complaining. I just want you to know that I’m not perfect. I do go over what I’m supposed to have. The difference? I don’t beat myself up for it or shame myself. All I did yesterday was get right back on track. I had EXACTLY 19 carbs yesterday and stayed under my calories.That’s the trick. That’s what you have to do. You are human and everyone messes up. It’s what we do! Just forgive yourself and go back to what you were doing. Doesn’t matter if it’s keto, weight watchers, exercise, etc. We just have to keep going and not get mad at ourselves.So I also watched IT on my iPad yesterday. OMG. First, it’s got that kid from Stranger Things so that was cool. It was much more terrifying than the original movie! I absolutely LOVE Stephen King’s writing BUT I thought IT was SO boring as a book! Maybe it was the 1000 plus pages. This adaptation was done MUCH better than the last one. For me to say that means a lot because I am the person always complaining and rolling my eyes at remakes. Seriously! If you don’t believe me, ask my besties, they will tell you!Today I have my advisor meeting at my college. I know I was supposed to go last week but a client ran overtime and I called to change it but they said I had to go online and it was a damn mess so I just made another appointment. I’ve been accepted, I just have to talk to someone to find out what classes I need and where to start this fall.No jobs today. When I get home, I am going to take the brisket I’ve been thawing out of the fridge and start to marinate it. That will soak up for a day and then I will cook it. Fun fun! I love brisket. And mine just falls off the fork so it makes me happy to know that I can actually do that myself! I hope you all have a good day and I guess I will bother you guys later!

9 thoughts on “Good day

  1. You sound like a great cook! I love it when you described brisket falling off your fork. Sounds like “pulled pork” my fave food! It is ok to have a few days off exercising. This way when you next start, you lose more else it plateaus! Hugs!!💕

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  2. You’re doing really great and all the food looked fabulous! I am actually doing this thing where I don’t even count calories at all just kinda doing percentages and making sure I’m keeping it keto. I hear you about the gym I think we all go thru little drop offs but the important thing is to reflect and figure out what your goals are and you will get back or you won’t if it aligns with what you are after, I believe in you and all you are doing. Very inspiring stuff today thank you so much for the realness!

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