A nothing kind of day

That was yesterday after I went to school. I did not do a thing! I slept wrong somehow and was limping around all day with the outside of my hip telling me it was in pain. Add to that the fact that I had to walk all over a college campus to meet with people and yeah, I was not a happy camper. Advil didn’t help either and I won’t take anything stronger.image from https://www.howardluksmd.com/orthopedic-social-media/a-common-cause-of-hip-pain/I came home, got back in bed, watched a few kid movies (Emoji movie and Captain Underpants), and the show Black Lightning which I really like! I didn’t even know about it until I was looking at “Since you watched Luke Cage” titles and saw that and added it to my list. It’s better than Luke Cage in my opinion. I also watched the new Jumanji movie. I like The Rock but he is definitely no Robin Williams. The original was much better even though this was funny. And who doesn’t love seeing Nick Jonas? He’s adorable! I may have been turned off on the movie when Jack Black ended up being in it as I am not a fan of his but I did watch it. So my appointment at school went pretty well! I got signed up for a math class and a nutrition class and waitlisted to get into a biology class. I have to have 6 hours to qualify for financial aid so if my waitlist doesn’t clear, I still have the 6 hours. I have to take a total of 60 hours to graduate for my bachelors degree. This not only includes a TON of nutrition classes, it also includes a bunch of biology and chemistry classes. Eek! This will be harder than I thought. The advisor said if I wasn’t degree seeking; I could just do the nutrition classes but I wouldn’t qualify for the State exam to be licensed. Well that sucks! I then went over to the financial aid department and signed some paper they said I was missing and I was set. They will email me within 2 weeks to tell me what financial aid I will get and I have to choose what to take. I will also have to do an internship before I can be licensed. Oh fun. A job that I don’t get paid for. Umm, how do other adults do this when they have to work and raise a kid?Wow. For a nothing day I wrote a lot! Sorry about that! I thought it was going to be short! I only have one job today. I was in pain after walking around the school and did not set up the brisket to marinate so I have to do that before I take Ms. Forgets to her therapy. Then I will come home and probably finish Black Lightning. I want to get some exercise but we will see how I feel when I get home. Have a great Wednesday!

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