Lots of good days lately

Even though I dropped and completely shattered the iPad screen (on carpet I might add), the picture is still fine. It is definitely hard to watch anything though! I’m stuck using my tv to watch Netflix until I can afford to get this fixed. I got taken off the waitlist and am now in 3 classes starting August 20th including Precalculus, Biology, and my first Nutrition class. This may be tough but I already talked to my friend that has a math degree and my nurse friend and they are going to help tutor me this year in addition to the schools free tutoring. I can do this!I had a follow up appointment at my podiatrist yesterday where I was told I need to come every 2 weeks for 2 more months for more injections and treatment to make sure I stayed better. At $100 a pop too! They took pictures of me as my ending treatment photos and asked that I send beginning photos so I did that too. What amazes me is that I can almost hide behind an 8X11 piece of paper. Who would have ever thought that the 400 pound girl would weigh in the 160’s 20 years later???I have changed a lot in these past 3 months on keto. It was like my body said FINALLY! All I had to do was take sugar out of my diet and lower my carbs. Simple, right? Uhh, no! Better for my body? YES! image from Pinterest My son scared me to death this morning. He barely makes any noise opening my door 5 minutes after my alarm went off and said “Mom”. I practically jumped out of my skin and my heart was racing! He said he was going for a walk this morning. I told him to go to the gym. Crazy child wants to walk down the street! At least he’s not crossing major intersections, he just walks in a big circle around the block. Still scares me to death though!I love my son. His father called me yesterday to ask about that gaming truck I had for his birthday because his boss wants to use it. Lol It was pretty cool!Today I take Styled to get her hair and nails done. I will then come home and put the brisket in the oven on 250 for 10 hours so it will be done at 10pm tonight. Yes, I will take pictures, I promise! Have a great Friday the 13th!

12 thoughts on “Lots of good days lately

  1. Is your neighborhood safe? I think it’s great your son wants to walk and get exercise.
    You look great. What are the shots you’re getting?

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  2. Whaaat?! I can’t believe the screen broke when you dropped it on CARPET! That’s so annoying. I hope you can get it fixed soon. Also, you look so darn good, Julie! Wow!

    Looking forward to seeing how that brisket turns out!!!

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