I promised….

I made the brisket and OMG it is so good! My mother and I both ate it for dinner. She really upset me though when she poured out all the fat that I could have used to bake with! She doesn’t ask and she doesn’t care that I bought it, cooked it, and it’s on MY lifestyle plan, she just cut all the fat off the meat and poured out the juices. I mean, come on woman! I was going to USE that! I promised you guys pictures so here ya go!I am ,8 pounds down this week at 168.6. This week I was trying to eat a little more to slow down the weight loss. I’m very close to a maintenance weight and I wanted to see if I could do it. I lost but not the 2 pounds a week I was. That’s good! I also finally did get some exercise yesterday, I did arm strengthening exercises for 30 minutes. I emptied out a grocery sack for my mother and Oliver decided he wanted in it so I picked him up and my mom took a picture. That silly cat! I was able to put both cats collars on with their name tags so now I feel safer about if they get outside too.I weighed Amber and I am a bit worried. She’s been on this diet from the vet yet she gained .8 pounds in a month. She was 12 pounds in June and yesterday was 13. May not seem like a big deal but when you only are supposed to weigh 10 pounds, 3 pounds is a lot! She’s been having 220 kcal a day and I haven’t been giving her any table food. I feel bad for her and worried about that. I’m going to have to walk her more and see if that helps (we already walk her 3 to 4 times a day).My son spent the night at a friends house and another friend is coming here today. It’s summer so that’s okay with me. I was supposed to go to this romance party last night (one of those parties when they sell you toys and stuff) but totally forgot and got undressed at 7pm. Her party started at 6. Oops! Oh well. I’m not interested anyway!Today I am taking my son to therapy, going for a walk, and going to try to avoid my mother. I am glad I have a mini fridge upstairs so I don’t have to go down there for everything. I really need to get a mini microwave too but where would I put it?

14 thoughts on “I promised….

  1. Julie, Your brisket looks delicious. The fat is the best part of the meat!!This morning, I made coconut flour pancakes. I fond the recipe under ketovale.com. I made after a walk with the pug. Poor thing. We walked awhile which is my exercise for today. The pancakes were good and made 6 just as promised. Again, Michael is losing weight so quickly and I am not but my clothes are fitting much better. He is on a hunting trip to Walmart this morning to find some alternatives to not eating pasta. He is buying more frozen veggies. Have a good weekend.

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      1. Yes, the man at the gym the other day told me that muscle weighs more, so he said he noticed me working very hard. He is a trainer and the manager. I feel discouraged about the numbers but my clothes feel good. We research foods to eat often for good alternatives to pasta.

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  2. Yes, I follow several groups of keto on facebook and find the recipes very helpful. Also, a website called “Cooking Light” is excellent. We are sleeping better with the diet. There is a good chance my husband might not need his sleeping mask after a big weight loss. We shall see.

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