What I do when I wake up

I am so not a morning person! My body is awake by 7am every day (that’s the latest my body wakes up) no matter what but my brain, eyes, and the rest of me isn’t.

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I start off by going to the bathroom and some days, check the scale. I keep the lights off but use a flashlight if I’m checking my weight (maybe once or twice a week).

Photo from 2 weeks ago.

I come into my room, grab a sugar free, carb free, energy drink (called Bang) and get back into bed. I grab a pack of vitamins, my allergy pill, and my B complex and take my medicine with the Bang.

After I have taken these, I play on my phone and scratch Amber for up to an hour. I usually blog during this time and read your blogs as well.

Then I MIGHT be ready to get up. If I do get up, I get in the shower and then walk Amber (who has usually been begging me to go out this entire time). My son is usually asleep every morning if there’s no school because he likes to stay up until 4-5am. I don’t usually eat breakfast until around 10am if I’m at home and if I’m working that morning, I may not eat until lunchtime because I’m never hungry in the morning and why would I force myself to eat when I’m not hungry? Then I’m off to work and if I don’t have any jobs, I go back to playing on my phone. This is seriously how I start each and every morning. No joking! Any questions?

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      1. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen it in stores around here. My fav is the white monsters. But they can be expensive

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