Hopefully a good Sunday

But let me tell you about yesterday first. I made a YouTube video! It is of what keto food stuff I have in my house right now. My son had a friend over and my mom had gone to a party so I was able to make the video with no issues, the cats weren’t even bugging me!

I am going to try to do more of them too, like when I am cooking. I found this great app that will take your videos and cut them so you can put them on Instagram as well called Cut Story. It was free so I took my video and cut it and posted it to Instagram too! It ended up being 32 15 second clips 😂

I had ordered the new Fat Snax lemon cookies and made a short video of opening the package and eating one. They are amazing! I have chatted with the owner of the company on Instagram, he is very nice and he loves that I posted the pictures and video! @eatfatsnax is his company Instagram. https://juliehcares.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/img_6389.mov

So I changed my personal story on Instagram because I want to get freebies if I can. I see so many people getting stuff in the mail from companies and people so why not! Especially if I am going to be showing people what I’m eating. I guess I need to get a P.O. Box if I am going to do that though so maybe not yet. I probably need more than 280 followers on there too!

Hi. My name is Julie and I am a snacker. I will usually eat a real breakfast and real dinner but lunch is usually snacks. I’m either watching Netflix, driving, or don’t feel like going downstairs to deal with my mother so I have snacks for lunch. It works for me.

I did not go walking yesterday but I did do 30 minutes of yoga. It kicked my butt too!

Since my arm is still sore from lifting weights the other day, maybe today I will walk. I guess we’ll see! If I could get myself moving before 9 am, I could walk outside in the morning before it gets so hot. I just can’t seem to do it! Like now. It’s 7:20am and it’s already 80 degrees outside. I would have to go at like 6. Yeah right! 😂

My son watched me do the yoga and said he does a lot of the same positions in karate so I asked if he wanted to do it with me and I got a funny look in return. He played video games with his friend for 3 hours. The mom didn’t even knock on the door to pick his friend up, just called him to come out. Umm, okay. Whatever. They had fun and want to play more often. That’s fine with me! Both of their dads are tow truck drivers so I feel like they have a lot in common.

I talked to my friends teenage daughter about getting my dad’s car out of here as management is asking me when it will be gone. She is struggling on minimum wage but wants the car. I told her to pay when she can, she just needs to get it. Her mom is my friend so I’m not worried about getting paid. I also watched the latest Starwars on Netflix. It was sad to remember that Carrie Fisher died while making this. They did a good job finishing the movie even without her!

Today, I have church this morning (my son wants to go at 8 but he’s asleep so I’m waking him up for the 9:30) and then no plans. How nice is that? I’m thinking of cooking on YouTube this afternoon since my mom will be at work. Maybe keto cheese sausage balls? It’s a recipe from kaseytrenum.com and they do taste good! How can I make a video where I cut from putting them in the oven until they’re done? That will be my next thing to figure out. Ooh! Maybe the keto biscuits! Those are the best and it’s like having biscuits in the morning! There’s even a gravy keto recipe so you can have biscuits and gravy. Yummy!

I almost forgot to mention that my cousin said he is coming to Houston in August! His wife “dragged” him to Cabo this week with their friends. He says it’s not his favorite thing but he went. Must be nice! I hope everyone has a great day. If you know how to do the video, let me know, otherwise I will be googling it!

24 thoughts on “Hopefully a good Sunday

      1. Yes, it is an adventure! We have scoured Publix, Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart, Save-a-lot, Arabic and Korean mom and pop stores. Tomorrow is Sprouts! I found a really good garlic paste with no carbs at a small Arabic store. Really good.

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  1. Have an amazing time! Working out has been so difficult in this heat so I’ve had to revert back to going to my gym instead even though I miss being able to work out in the fresh air! Great post!

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  2. I didn’t watch the whole video but I did watch a couple minutes so I could hear your voice haha it’s exactly how I imagined too!!! I know nothing about videos though so I can’t help with your problem, so sorry! Hope you figured it out on Google! Also, when I was a kid my parents & friends’ parents never knocked on the door, they always just texted they were there to pick ’em up. & I didn’t know anyone would hate Cabo. What the hell?! Lol.

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    1. You hadn’t heard it? I know I’ve posted videos before!
      I could pay for an app but will just deal and figure it out later.
      Glad to know it’s just something that’s done these days. Back when I was young, the parents would be very polite and talk to the other parents!

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      1. Ah you caught me lol, I never press play on videos that people post on WP.
        Yes, I think that’s how most parents are nowadays, I don’t think she meant to hurt your feelings. ❤

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  3. Freebies are nice until you get a product that sucks and you have to write a honest review 😂 I do however, love my freebies and go for it you have more IG followers than I do 😉

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