Keto food options

Are you concerned about not having options while living the keto lifestyle?

I found a website that gives you a list of what you should and shouldn’t eat. If you are thinking of trying to live like I do, you should check with your doctor and if approved, check out this site. All of these foods in the pictures are perfectly fine on this plan.

These are pictures from the site giving you foods that a person living the keto life can have.

Don’t let your brain control what you eat.

There are worries about keto acidosis versus keto, getting enough fiber to keep you regular, keto flu, hypoglycemia, losing muscle, and even cramping or dizziness while doing this life. All of these are basic questions and I am happy to answer anything you may wonder!

Take advantage! If I end up getting a job or busy with school, I may not have the time to answer as quickly as you would like and I want to help everyone I can.

Please remember, I’m here to help!

7 thoughts on “Keto food options

  1. Great list. Half of the battle is finding the information and having it handy when you go to the market. I bought lettuce to wrap hamburgers up and some cabbage. I also bought some polenta and am eating it slowly. There are many choices you can have!!

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  2. Awesome list I always forget that coconut is a fruit for some You are doing great and helping so many along the way and that’s the best thing!

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