It’s only 7:45am???

Yesterday my son asked if he could go to his friends house, the one with the Dad that spoils his children rotten. I said that’s fine. He told me he will be home by Thursday. I told him to be home on Wednesday because he missed karate last night (he overslept) and he has to go on Wednesday. He wasn’t happy but said he will.

Guys, I did it. I woke up at 5:30, only half an hour after what I planned. I left the house at 6:30 to walk the dog. I brought her back inside and then went on a walk. I really thought it would be 3 miles the way I went. I mean, I went a LONG way in my opinion!!! It ended up being 2.8 miles so I guess I have to find a different direction next time. I am so sweaty walking in 77 degrees too!

I didn’t exercise at all yesterday which is why it was so important for me to get up and out today. So I’m happy with myself. I had planned on doing something but kept putting it off. I always smile, even if I’m tired and sweaty, because I don’t like how I look any other way.

I watched more Grey’s Anatomy yesterday which was good. I had one job and today I have one job. I am taking Cranky to her doctor. She does not want to go but she said she will.

I didn’t feel like doing any cooking and that’s okay. I will have to soon so my meat doesn’t go bad. Maybe later tonight, who knows. I planned on making these keto sausage balls and the keto biscuits that I really enjoy plus some taco meat. I tried to go on Amazon yesterday for prime day to get some more macadamia nuts and keto Melba toast but their system was down so I just went on the Carbolicious website and got my Melba toast and some Strawberry muffins. YUMMY! I can’t wait to try those. Only 2 carbs per muffin? Yes please!

I’ll have to make my own next time because $12 for 6 muffins is like going to the gas station for a muffin. I want to try them though so I splurged a little.

Okay. I don’t have to be at work until 11 so I am going to relax before I get in the shower and get ready to drive. Oh! Have you noticed I’m not driving for Lyft or Uber lately? I wanted to tell you why! In addition to them keeping too much money (making $3 for a drive that takes 15 minutes is not enough), gas prices here are $2.87 a gallon and it’s so hot to be in the car in the afternoon!

A couple of motivational quotes I found on Instagram:

There you have it. I’m broke but happy. My bills are paid, I have food, and a roof over my head. I am in pretty good shape and I am at a healthy weight. I am not complaining!

14 thoughts on “It’s only 7:45am???

  1. Good for you. Very hot here in Florida and the roadways are somewhat dangerous at times with tempers flailing. How is the traffic in Houston? I drive where I have to go and chose to work as close to the house as possible. I learned my lesson years ago commuting one hour for a job, sometimes 1.5 hours. I ran in the gym track today for 40 minutes. I stopped lifting weights as I seem to be gaining weight and muscle with this.

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    1. Oh, don’t stop lifting! Just use smaller weights! I use 5 pounds and I’ve formed muscle. It won’t make you gain weight, it’s just transferring fat to muscle which is a good thing!
      Traffic here is awful and I hate it. I prefer to walk on the sidewalks against traffic so I can see what’s coming. I should go to the gym but I hate how the treadmills face the wall! I also can’t run due to arthritis so I just walk really fast (usually 3.8 mph).

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  2. Good for you for getting out of bed early and exercising. My preferred time is afternoon (Last year’s end-of-year Strava summary said my most active time is 6PM), but I KNOW that if I exercise in the morning I always have the time. Even if I plan to do it in the afternoon, something can and often does come up that derails my plans.

    But man it is hard to get moving at that hour. I don’t have trouble waking at 5:30 but my preferred behaviour at that time is to relax and drink coffee, not hop on the bike and ride for 30-60 minutes. But if you talk to me after a morning ride I will almost always tell you I feel great.

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      1. Thanks! I’ve got an accountability deal with Sage in which I commit to things to do in the morning and if I fail, I give her all of my week’s spending money and take on some of her chores (cleaning the cat litter box :-P) So I’m motivated to actually do the things on my list. I’m glad I did it though though it was a little bit driven by fear.

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  3. Oh – and I totally know what you mean about going out when it’s cooler and still getting really sweaty. That would happen to me all the time in Louisiana when I’d exercise there. As it turns out, it sounds crazy but if there’s the same amount of actual water in the air, the humidity will be higher when the temperature is lower. So there’s no getting away from the stickiness in your part of the country this time of year – outside of gym. But who wants to spend time on the dreadmill?

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  4. Yay! Glad you got up & went for a walk! Looks beautiful outside there. It’s over 100 degrees here so 77 would be so nice!
    Those muffins look good!! & I totally don’t blame you for quitting Uber/Lyft. $3 for every 15min is horrible!! I really thought they paid more.

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