Pain and work

Oh yeah. There has been pain since my appointment. I’m taking Advil. Every time I forget it’s there and roll on my left side, I get reminded why that is such a bad idea!

I had to take Ms. Forgets to therapy today. She called me at 9 and I was kind of hoping she would cancel but no, she just wanted to make sure I was coming. I got out of my car to open her door and she immediately asks me what’s wrong. Is it that obvious? So I told her what a big chunk they took out of my leg and how I have internal and external stitches there. Plus she removed a mole off my back so it’s hard to get to. I had to have my son put my new bandaid on it today.

She was kind and paid me. Tomorrow I have Styled that I have to take, I need the money! After working today, I came home, crawled into bed, and read an entire book. It’s a good book and it’s my son’s required summer reading.

This tells a story of how the moon gets hit by an asteroid and what happens in the months following. It’s funny at times and sad as well. I was so impressed, I think I will look at her other books.

I cleaned out my Netflix watch list and my continue watching list. I got tired of seeing some that I tried and didn’t like so I never turned it on again yet they remained there! That’s silly. They should fall off if I remove them from my list of things to watch. Oh well.

My son went for a walk at 5:30 this morning. He came back at 7 and said he had plans until 8pm tonight and then he would sleep and be back on a regular schedule. Well, he just fell asleep around 4pm. I woke him at 5 since a lot of kids are going to this pizza place tonight but he just looked at me and fell back asleep. Why he likes staying up all night I have no clue. I guess I did it too which is why I never say anything.

I’m going to start a new to me series called Heartland now. I am not exercising today nor did yesterday because of my stitches plus I hurt! It’s my blog, I will complain if I want to! Internal stitches SUCK! And combine them with external? This is crazy! I’m sure I will be fine in another day or two. I just have to give myself time to heal. I am sticking to keto and staying within my calories although still haven’t cooked!

My son asked me to make my kids lasagna this weekend which will require a grocery store trip because I don’t keep Mac and cheese at the house anymore. I have the meat and the cheese and the tomato sauce, I just have to get that processed crap. By the way, I went to Target and got Propel drink mix. It’s really good! Raspberry lemonade flavored, no sugar or carbs, and filled with electrolytes. I’m not as dizzy and bet that goes away pretty quick now that I’m having those 2-3 times a day.

I ate the last of the brisket today. Sad moment for me. I’m waiting for them to go on sale again so I can stock up. I’m slowly cleaning out the freezer of the foods we have so I can fill it with new food. I let go of my Costco membership since I never seem to go much anymore. I just need to find a friend with one so I can go buy toilet paper. That’s it! That’s all I need. $17 for a 6 month supply for 3 people is the best deal I know!

I hope you guys had a good Thursday and I can’t wait for my one job to be over tomorrow so I can come back home and not do anything yet again. Lol We are getting close to the end of July and I’ll have to post new pictures of me. I will have maybe lost 5 pounds this month but since I haven’t exercised all that much and I am eating closer to my calorie maximum each day, that doesn’t surprise me. I’m still doing great!

9 thoughts on “Pain and work

  1. What? What did I miss?! Why did you have to have a chunk of your legs removed & stitches?! Hope everything’s alright & that you’ll heal up quickly. ❤ That book sounds wonderful!! I'm glad that his required reading is something good & not extremely boring like school's sometimes do. 😛

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    1. Lol! I had written that I was going to the dermatologist. I think I forgot to mention that she was removing this skin tag that was huge! The book was great and I am glad for no boring book this year too! I try to read his book each year but there have been times that I’m even bored!

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  2. We get used to these days off. I have a new job starting in August, so I have to go through training, etc. I am looking forward to it and not looking forward. There will be some challenges but I am glad to move forward. I may have to use Uber one day in October. That will be interesting. Either that or the bus. I am betting on Uber. Enjoy the day.

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    1. Uber is easier than the bus! At least here in Houston. I would have to walk a mile to the bus stop and change buses at least twice to get somewhere. Sad that such big cities have horrible public transportation. I hope it’s better in Florida but yeah, I’d use Uber. 😂


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