How sad

I just heard that I lost a previous client. The husband of the couple passed away last week. I heard it from one of my other clients this morning because they belonged to the same church. The church sent out a bulletin so she told me. How sad!

I had dropped him as a client because he had started to act very rude and I couldn’t handle it. So it’s only been a few months since I stopped driving him and he’s gone? How horrible!

May he rest in peace and I hope his wife will live a long time. I’m afraid for her though because she is sick as well, obviously I don’t want her to go too!

10 thoughts on “How sad

      1. It most likely did. Brain tumors are cruel in how they change people’s behavior. I lost a close mate 6 years ago who was a gentleman and he was not himself in the end. I saw him nearly every day for his last 14 months and the cancer changed his personality. So cruel.
        I hope you are ok and that he is well remembered. Thanks for sharing. It’s good we remember the good in people and bless their loved ones

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