It’s Friday morning!

Feeling much better today! My leg still hurts but not nearly as bad as yesterday. I’m not dizzy at all this morning which is an amazing feeling! Thank you Propel!

I check my social media when I wake up. I have many readers and Instagram people that are overseas so I like to see what they were up to while I was asleep. That’s when I see that my child was on.

My son just Snapped that he wants to go to sleep but is wide awake. Well good! Let’s just hope he slept last night and it’s not all to make me think he slept. My child woke up at 6:30pm yesterday and sent me a text to drive him to the dinner thing he was supposed to go to. When he said please, I did. He had fun with his friends and was invited to go see Ant Man and Wasp tonight. Sounds good to me!

So did I not explain well enough that I was going to the dermatologist to have this skin tag cut off? It looked like a mushroom on my leg. It was awful. I’m glad to be rid of it, I just didn’t expect the stitches or pain. I didn’t realize that skin tags originate so far under the skin. I thought they were easy to get of, just snip and done. I guess some are and some aren’t! It’s over now.

So I will take Styled to get her hair done and then home. I’m sure she will want to go to the grocery store too which is fine. I screwed up yesterday walking down the stairs. I was taking dishes down and my mother had a trash bag by the bottom. I caught my flip flop on it and started to fall. I caught myself in the wall and bruised the crap out of my right arm (hurts like I almost broke it). So imagine me trying to sleep: bruised right arm, stitches in left leg. Now you know why I’m up so early! Lol

I think I have hurt myself enough for a while. When I heal, I will get back to exercise. That is a promise! Today or tomorrow, I will cook. I’m hungry for more than leftovers! I found a couple of recipes to try out so that’s my plan. I believe my mother is working today so I will have the quiet I like to get that done too. She’s been off for 3 days. Almost retired. What will I do then? I can’t ask her to record me, she would mess that up royally!

Y’all have a Good Friday. I’m off to relax a bit before shower and work.

13 thoughts on “It’s Friday morning!

  1. You’ll have to let us know what your son thinks of Antman & The Wasp! Hope all your stitches & bruises heal up quickly! Be careful as to not get anymore before then, lol. 😉

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