amazing things

Since last Saturday, I have lost .8 pounds. As you guys know, last Sunday I had a piece of cake that was really yummy and totally worth it. I didn’t go over my calories all week but I didn’t exercise more than once. I have been healing too. I am amazed. I weighed myself on Wednesday as well and I was down an extra .6 pounds. I don’t want to lose so fast but I want to stay eating well so I added a few more calories. So losing less than a pound this week is great to me!

After finding out that the husband of the couple passed, I spoke with their daughter and asked what I could do. She asked that I bring her mom lunch today and hang out with her. I am going to go to one of husbands favorite places and get us sandwiches. She will have this chicken avocado sandwich and I’ll have a kids burger lettuce wrapped. That’s my homage to him today. She hasn’t seen me since I started the keto life. I have dropped 40 pounds since I drove them! I think she’s going to be amazed. I know I am!

My son amazes me. He went to the movies with his friends and said the movie was good and he wants to see the next sequel. At the end of the credits, they pretty much said there would be another movie. He is so tall and now that he’s exercising and eating a bit better, he is thinning out as well. Now if I could get him off all the sweets he eats, he would get downright thin!

I woke up today. I feel healthy. My son is heathy. That’s what counts!

Y’all have a great weekend. I’m still trying to figure out how to do my video but I’m hoping to do at least one tomorrow!

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