Huh? It’s too early for this!

Good morning friends! It’s 5:53am here in Texas and I am writing you because I woke up 23 minutes ago for no reason what-so-ever other than to use the bathroom. Sucks getting older! And it’s already hot outside! What’s up with that?

Until I saw how hot it already is this morning, I wanted to go out for a slow walk. I want to exercise! I believe that a slow walk won’t pull these stitches like how fast I normally walk would. I don’t think the doctor is afraid of me walking slow like when I walk the dog, right?

I had a comment asking about the keto diet on a strict level because I will eat these deli style crackers if I have a ton of carbs left over at the end of the day. I eat vegetables and berries too. I follow what my doctor told me. I am not strict keto. I have sugar (less than 3 grams a day and some days none) when I eat ice cream. I eat. I love food. I do limit my carbs to 20 NET carbs a day. I believe that if you are too strict, you won’t keep it up and will eventually quit. I haven’t quit yet so what I’m doing works FOR ME. pic from

I had a text the other day of a friend that was doing half keto (she was trying) and was gaining weight. Here’s the thing. If you eat 50 carbs a day or more plus eat fat, you will gain weight. Period. I also have a friend trying to gain weight so I told her that’s how she needs to eat. She still hasn’t gained weight but she’s not losing anymore. She’s going to try to eat more calories to see if that helps. Then yet another friend that has been ill and needs to gain but she’s doing it by eating fast food and ice cream. It’s whatever works for you. pic from

You don’t have to do keto, you don’t have to do low fat or low carb. You have to find what works FOR YOU. I just give you my experiences and talk about what works for me. I start school next month for nutrition and I fully admit I do not know everything about keto, even after months of research. I do know that my doctor gave me a sheet of paper with rules and what I should and should not eat. It has really worked for me.

Oh guys! I spent an hour making my sons lasagna yesterday because he stayed awake all day like I asked. When it was done, I cut his piece out and put it in his room because he would be back from karate in 10 minutes and that would be the perfect amount of cooled off to eat it plus being in his room, the cats couldn’t get to it. He comes in, looks at it, then comes and says to me, “Why did you put it in my room? Now it’s COLD!” Note that it wasn’t cold. That was like the breaking point to me from how he’s been acting lately. I cancelled his pool party and told him that I was done. Then he starts begging which I wasn’t having any of that. pic from cartoon

Then he tries to manipulate me with the depression antics. So I said let’s go to the hospital, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you would regret. He quit that and finally realizes that he’s not getting his way. Basically he’s a good kid, I’m just tired of his attitude and how he talks to me and his grandmother so I’m not giving him anything special. I text his friends parents that I know and they all agreed except that one Dad which I should have expected.

The lasagna is easy to make but takes a while. You have to brown the pound of beef. You have to make 2 boxes of mac and cheese. You have to heat up the oven. Then you have to layer your baking dish with the mac and cheese, meat, spaghetti sauce, and shredded cheese twice. Then bake it for 30 minutes. Then add Parmesan cheese and bake it another 5 minutes. See why it takes an hour?

Mr. Cranky pants son is awake. He came in here, slammed my door, got his morning vitamin drink, and slammed the door on the way out. Thank goodness I’m already awake! Geez! I only have one job today and it’s this afternoon. I’m taking Ms. Forgets to the medical center for a 4pm appointment. If you know Houston at all, you probably know that by the time she gets out, it will take us over an hour to get back. That’s how bad traffic is from there to here. It’s awful at 5pm! I wish it was even an hour earlier but oh well!

Y’all have a good day. I will be dealing with this child.

13 thoughts on “Huh? It’s too early for this!

  1. Oh man, we’re going to hit the same temperatures this week.
    There is no spot in the shade, so when I enter my car, I can barely touch the wheel cause it’s burning hot!

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    1. Oh yeah, that’s normal here! I had to buy this cloth covered steering wheel cover so I could touch mine! Plus use the sunshade in the windshield. It’s crazy!


  2. Traffic is the same in Florida cities at rush hour. I just walked the dog before the thunderstorm and watched the bus route. It looks like I won’t have trouble taking the bus to the University sometimes and I can even bike as it is close.

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  3. Love this “I believe that if you are too strict, you won’t keep it up and will eventually quit”! I’m going to the kitchen and look what’s “good” is in freezer 🙂 It’s 00:30 here – midnight 🙂

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