What a morning!

I woke up at 5:58am for no reason, not even a potty break. I don’t even use my alarm lately! I’m asleep around 10pm and I have found that nature shows really put me to sleep. Last night I was watching one about sharks. They are very interesting, it’s just that the narrators voice puts me to sleep! I love to learn about things so I like watching them. Did you know there are over 500 kinds of sharks? Or that some sharks lay eggs while other have babies with belly buttons even? Now if only they could get a narrator that has ups and downs with their voice instead of the monotone that puts me to sleep.

My son walks in my room at 6:30 this morning stating that he is going to Starbucks to get a venti Frappuccino. This is the 4th time in 3 days that he has walked there. I believe he’s addicted! Is it to the sugar or the coffee? pic from Starbucks.com

I told him that he needs to watch how often he goes as we are not like his grandmother that can afford to go get 2 coffees a day there. Then he wants a cake pop too. This child! Now he’s texting me about a 2nd cake pop! Geez!!!

I was not going to have a job today and take a rest day. Then I took Ms. Forgets to the doctor yesterday. Now we have to go find a lab to get bloodwork today since their lab was already closed yesterday. They want to test her for celiac disease. The doctor said he doesn’t think she has it but would rather test her to rule it out. That’s probably a good idea although can you just develop celiac that late in life? I hope not for her sake. It’s not the kind of thing she’s going to want. It will change everything about how she eats. pic from daralteb.com

I did get a bit of exercise last night. I used my dumbbells and did 20 minutes of arms. How that stretched leg skin I don’t know but my leg hurt a bit. It’s not going to stop me. I need to keep moving! Plus I want to. The stitches come out next week but it looks fine so I am planning on a slow walk today. Guess we will find out!

I made this awesome breakfast yesterday. I had not eaten in 16 hours though so after I ate the egg with cheese and 2 slices of bacon at 10am, I was stuffed. I could not eat the rest until 3pm! That’s how my body is. So last night, I needed to eat since I had only had 600 calories so far. I ended up eating a Quest cookie and a cheese snack. I only ate 889 calories all day. I can’t help that. I was full! Myfitnesspal isn’t having any of that though. So I had to lie and put more stuff in so I could end my day on there. Sad! Maybe I’ll eat more today. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. My 20 year old stomach surgery would make me throw up if I ate too much. What am I supposed to do? Don’t get mad at me for not eating!

I watched Netflix movies too.

This was cute. I love comedians so this has a lot of laughs even though it’s dealing with tough choices. I’m not an abortion believer myself, I do think it’s up to the woman and if that’s what she wants, then there you go!

Another Adam Sandler movie. I have to say that as stupid as his movies usually are, they do provide some down time where you don’t have to think. This one was pretty bad and I did other things (like play on my phone) while watching. Anyone that has actually grown up like this, I apologize and feel bad for you!

There you have it. That’s me in a nutshell. I either eat WAY too much or WAY too little. It depends on the day. I either workout and hurt myself or don’t do it at all. I either work or watch Netflix. Someone on Instagram told me that I need to bake them some keto bread and send it to them. It made me think that maybe I should sell and ship keto bread to people. I wouldn’t make a lot but why not help other people? Just a random thought.

Have a great hump day! I hope I will!

21 thoughts on “What a morning!

  1. Breakfast looks good! I have been on the diet for a month and am losing weight slowly but surely along with exercise. I do feel if I talk about it too much or take photos of my food, my luck will disappear or is it hard work? It is hard work keeping on track along with other things!

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      1. I bought a package of it and sliced off two slices which crumbled. It was spicy but I worried it wasn’t done. I didn’t really care for it. Maybe in a green pepper stuffed, I would like it better. Spicy, good for me but not for husband.

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      2. It was a soft mixture sold in a long thin package. I do like using pork grinds to coat chicken though. Ok. Out to do some biking for exercise. It is too beautiful to exercise today in the gym.

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  2. I would love to buy a loaf of Keto Bread if you start that!
    I believe if she has Celiac, she’s had it but just didn’t know. I am gluten intolerant. Get her some Glutenease, if she has it
    It will help her eat semi normally, at her age.

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  3. Those Starbucks frapps really are addicting! I don’t blame him for going 3 days in a row. 😂 I am the same as you. Some days I eat way too much & others probably not enough!

    Have a good day! ♡

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  4. You sure your son isn’t going to Starbucks to check out the cute barista :). I love Planet Earth and never thought to much about the narrators voice. Have you seen the ones with Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones or Oprah narrating? Their voice may make a difference for you..

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