It’s an EH kind of day!

So this will be short. I was just with Ms. Forgets for the past 3 hours. She had therapy, wanted me to stop and buy her cigarettes (with her credit card), go get a chocolate shake from Whataburger, and… she had me take a written prescription to a different than normal pharmacy to try to get it filled because her kids have hidden all of her medication and put what she is supposed to have inside a locked medicine ball that only opens at specific times.

Well. The pharmacy would not honor the prescription because they said she is 10 days too early. I’m kind of glad the pharmacies are all connected and then again, she’s 77. If she wants an extra Xanax, let her have one! Not my problem though.

Now at home and had a Quest chocolate chip cookie bar for lunch. I have cramps so I’m staying in bed and watching Netflix.

Y’all have a great day!

12 thoughts on “It’s an EH kind of day!

    1. I’m alright, just hate this time of the month as I’m sure you understand!
      It’s too salty for me but I take them wherever they want!
      She’s really awesome actually, one of my favorite clients!

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  1. I love your hair like that, and you look AMAZING! You crack me up “if she wants an extra Xanax let her have one 😂😂😂😂😂” made my day your and hunidas posts make my day and have almost convinced me to begin blogging if I wasn’t so damn lazy 😝

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    1. Oh you should! Hunida’s are so fun too!
      Thanks, it must be one of those “if you have curly hair you want straight” kind of things cause I usually put it up! 😂
      And yes, at her age. A 20 something, umm, I don’t think so!


      1. Now I think you are thinking too much oops assuming too much. Observe them, take a mental note and write about them…their thoughts , their aspirations, their achievements,one thing they would have done or done differently. Go for it…Seriously!

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