Busy Friday!

This is going to be a long but probably good day.

I woke up at 6:30 when my child came in my room. It scared me awake! He went walking off to Starbucks (again) and got another Frappuccino and cakepop. When he got back, I reminded him to walk the dog who was asleep under my covers after realizing that I wasn’t taking her out at 6:45am. So he’s taking her out at 7:30 when I have to get in the shower for my day.

I will take Styled like every Friday morning to get her hair and possibly her nails done as well as grocery shopping. Then after that, I am taking Ms. Forgets to see Equalizer 2. She said she loves Denzel Washington and loves going to see movies plus she will pay for my ticket and the time so why not? I haven’t seen the first one so I hope it’s not one of those movies that won’t make sense unless you’ve seen the first one!

Between those 2, I am going to go by Half Price Books and sell 4 plastic grocery bags of books that were in my house. When I realized that I have no space and I’m not going to read these again, I figured why not sell them?

Make a little extra cash and create some space in my room. I still haven’t organized the top of my dresser so it’s probably a good idea to get more space. I also have about 200 dvds that I could get rid of but I’m not ready to part with those yet. I don’t ever watch them (Netflix has almost everything) so I’m thinking about it!

I text with BFF and found out that she and a couple of other people are going to start keto. That’s awesome!!! I sent her a 30 day challenge to start it. If any of you would like this, I would be happy to send it. I got it from kaseytrenum.com who also has tons of keto recipes and grocery lists from a bunch of stores. If you are doing keto, check out her website!

I also thought of a good Instagram challenge for a person I follow that always does a new challenge each month. Her Instagram name is @holycrapimfat and she is very nice! The challenge? Drink a glass of water every morning before anything else. It’s tough but I think it’s doable. I know I need to do it!

I took Ms. Forgets to therapy yesterday and after dropping her off, realized that I will have spent 10-11 hours with her this week. That’s great for me. I need to make money. Especially since my child keeps going to Starbucks!

I watched a really sweet movie on Netflix last night. The Kissing Booth is about these 2 kids that were born on the same day and grow up together. So cute! If you like romantic comedies and teen movies, this is a must watch!

I meant to exercise with weights yesterday and forgot. Well technically, I fell asleep but still. I really need to get back into that and soon! I’m so afraid of plateaus! I have 18 pounds as of last Saturday to lose and I want to hit my goal before Christmas. It’s totally going to happen too! I also went over my calories by 10 yesterday. No big deal. IF I had gotten even a little exercise other than walking the dog, it wouldn’t bug me so much. It’s time to try harder.

Do you have an idea for a challenge? How is your day going? Y’all have a great Friday!

7 thoughts on “Busy Friday!

  1. Aww that’s so nice that you’re getting paid to watch a movie! Hope it’s good! So glad you’re getting a lot of business! & that was a great idea to sell all of your books! I have a ton of DVDs too. I can’t part with them either!

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  2. you should work out for at least for 30 minutes every day… In France we have a health program telling us this is one of the things we should do to remain healthy… The others are eating less sugar, less fat and less salt and much more fresh fruits and vegetables… Have a great weekend !!!

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