Wishing for candy

I have been craving sweets which is strange since I’m in ketosis! I looked up a few candy alternatives keto style so wanted to share them. I need the right ingredients and then can try to make them. I can’t wait!

I made sure the websites were shown because I don’t want to get in trouble for sharing the recipes without permission!

I didn’t get to go to the movie with Ms. Forgets. She got a rash from her new medication and needed to go to the doctor so we did that instead. She was told to take some Allegra and Pepcid to make it go away, NOT Benadryl!!! Her doctor is very nice and told me to come see her since my doctor retired and I’ve been going to the Walgreens care place since then. I hope she’s not too expensive. We went by the store and got what she was told to get. Now let’s just hope she doesn’t forget she took one each day since her daughter is out of town. She doesn’t need more than one a day.

I took the books to Half Price Books and got $27 for 3 bags of books! So…I bought a book to start learning precalculus before school starts.

I got home after Styled and ate a lunch of Melba toast with butter and macadamia nuts. Then I rushed off. I got home at 4:30 and turned on Netflix. I watched 3 movies!

The Signal was weird. After a while I didn’t pay much attention to it. The Open House is supposed to be scary. Yeah. What-ever! Extinction I really liked! It’s totally not what you think. It’s brand new and I recommend it! As you can see, I’m not up for long reviews or details, you just need to watch for yourself.

I have $99 for groceries this week. I’m trying to think of what I should make for the week. I’m thinking of meatloaf and more bread but I can’t think of anything else and those 2 things won’t last ALL week. Any suggestions?

All of the bread I made is gone save some crumbs. I will definitely have to make more! Also, not sure if I can sell it since I got the recipe online. I’m sure I could give it away and have people give me whatever they think it is worth. Oh I don’t know. I’m so happy to have toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch! I’m actually a bit surprised I haven’t gone over my net carbs each day because of it!

I’m sure I shared that before but it’s really that good! You really should try it if you can. I’m not the best baker ever (I will definitely not be on a baking show) and I made it. I just follow exactly step by step so I don’t screw it up. πŸ˜‚

If you got this far, I have totally exciting news this morning! I weigh 165.2!!!! That’s a total loss of 241 pounds since 1998 and 66 pounds since November of last year! Wow! I am so happy! I still feel like I have 15 pounds to go but you know what? If I was stuck at this weight, I would be okay with that! I won’t be, I will exercise and keep on track with the doctors plan, I’m just saying! No, I’m not going to go out and eat whatever I want just because this is an awesome number either. I’m just VERY happy this morning!!!

Today is my son’s therapy and grocery shopping. Let me know your ideas for food. I’m going to the store while he’s in there chatting.

12 thoughts on “Wishing for candy

  1. Good for you! I have been on the diet for one month and lost 8 pounds which I am happy with. I went for my walk this morning and Mike joined me to get his metabolism moving. I found a good recipe for keto bread with coconut flour. Tonight I will make the shrimp with zucchini rings. Feeling good. Good luck with the math: that has always been a subject I really had to work at.

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    1. Oh the math! God help me with it. It took me 3 tries to pass college algebra!!!
      I’m glad y’all went out, I need to do that. I’m so lazy in the mornings.
      8 pounds is awesome in a month!!!

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      1. It also took me several times to pass a math test (GK) required by the State of Florida to be a certified English teacher. I hired a tutor and didn’t give up after 3 tries. Thanks. Enjoy your day.

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  2. One good food option that isn’t too expensive and is keto friendly since my mom uses that and I need to do the same lol, is zucchini noodles if you have a spirilizar it makes it easier with some sauce and some type of protein.

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  3. Ooh! I hope those sweets turn out amazingly. Homemade Twix? Now those will be fun! How awesome that you got $27 for all of your used books! & I think I watched Open House before but accidentally fell asleep. πŸ˜› So much congrats on the weight loss!!! Have you decided what to cook yet?! πŸ˜„

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