Saturday Lyft day

It was a long but interesting day. Took my son to therapy where they discussed his attitude and manipulative tactics that didn’t work on me. We shall see if he changes. God I hope so!

I went to my old complex and visited with a few people there. Found out that this couple I am friends with is moving, they got a house so that’s GREAT! His Mom was here from India and was helping them pack. It was nice to see her too.

I chatted with an old neighbor about starting keto. Not sure if she will do it. She’s having a hard time with the idea that she can’t eat apples, grapefruit, and other fruits all day. I explained how keto works and showed her how many carbs are in each thing she eats and drinks. One large apple is all of the carbs for one day! We shall find out. Then she took her daughter to work where she got a smoothie and asked me to look it up on myfitnesspal and of course it had 100 carbs in one small drink. So yeah, not sure how this will work for her but I told her I’ll be here if she wants to do it.

I also visited with a couple of the elderly people there. One had a water leak so bad that her antique furniture was getting ruined and she didn’t want to call a plumber until Monday! I tried to convince her that she needed them right then but she wasn’t listening. Another man in the complex finally got her to call and have them come. Whew! The leak was so bad the wall was peeling and water coming through a light fixture at the rate of a bowlful every 2 hours!

The other woman (grandma I call her in my blogs) had her son over so I got to see them both. She fell yesterday so everyone in her family (including me) is trying to convince her to move in with one of her kids but she doesn’t want to give up her place. Still. And her upstairs neighbor stopped by so I got to see her too. She wants me to come to her Zumba class that she teaches but I’m afraid I would get embarrassed in front of her. Everyone was amazed at the changes I have made since I moved and wished me well.

I came home to eat real quick and took off to drive for Lyft. My son has spent over $50 at Starbucks in the past week and I am broke! Well, money in savings but I don’t want to use that. I took 5 riders and let me tell you how funny these people were!

First ride was a couple I took to dinner. They talked to each other the whole time. The 2nd person was a 20 year old. He gets in my car and says “Oh. Please take me home. I want out of Houston!” He talked to me for a while and told me a story of a friend of his that became a druggie and how horrible it was. He told me Uber drivers have actually asked him where they can buy weed. He got quiet for a while and I got him home. He left a bag in my floorboard that I didn’t see. I honestly think he was trying to act mature or he was drunk. Who knows! That was a 40 minute drive because he lives in another city right outside Houston. I let Lyft know that he left the bag after my last ride found it. I was able to go back to the house where I picked him up and return the bag to his mother. At midnight. I’m just glad they were still awake! The mother said he can be forgetful and thank you for bringing it back.

I had to drive back to Houston with no rider (if I had known the bag was there I would have called the kid before I left his town) and then got a call right before I got home. I pick up this girl wearing so much perfume that I thought I would barf. She was going to meet a guy for a first date. She was newly divorced and couldn’t remember whether her kid was 5 or 6 years old. Really??? I wished her luck and off she went. Then I picked up these 2 girls going to a bar. Again with the damn perfume! After dropping them off, I literally had to pull over and throw up. That’s how strong these 2 women smelled of the sickening stuff! I’m not kidding either. I’m pretty sure if a cop had seen me, he would have given me a breathalyzer to see if I had been drinking. I just pulled over and did it with my flashers on. I couldn’t wait until I got home or made it to a bathroom. I’m glad it was late at night (about 11) and there weren’t many cars!

I took these 2 guys around as my last ride. They were SO stoned!!! First we had to go to the bank and then go to a sushi restaurant nowhere near the house. They reeked of pot so when they started talking about someone texting them that needed green, I’m like 🙄. They were really nice and were singers so I let them sing in the car while I drove. It wasn’t a bad ride. I did accidentally get on the tollway and had to offer the guy a dollar since Lyft charged it to him. He said he was fine and wouldn’t accept. He also said maybe that would help his karma with the ladies that night. They looked up Chinedu on YouTube and we were all laughing as I dropped them off.

In total, i worked 5 hours. I made $63 and used half a tank of gas. The car wash I got was $31 and gas to begin with was $39 so I didn’t quite make up the money but I got close (if you don’t include the gas I now need again). I have to tell Ms. Forgets that she can’t smoke in my car anymore. The 20 year old kid I drove said he could smell it even with the new car smell I had the car wash place put in. Nobody else mentioned it thankfully.

I was thinking of doing Lyft again today but I need to get groceries and cook so I don’t think I will. Maybe I will start going out in the mornings again for them. I’ll think about it. I don’t like the miles it puts on my car and the work I have to do on my car because of that so we shall see. This was the first time I had driven for them in a month.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Lyft day

  1. That sounds like an interesting day! I think my car would get worn out with driving so much. I would be afraid of being robbed. I hope you find something you like doing and where you don’t have to use your car.

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    1. That’s what I’m afraid of (the worm out). I used to be nervous about being robbed but if I was, Lyft knows who’s in my car each time so I don’t worry too much about that anymore.
      I’ll find something eventually. It may not be until I’ve graduated college but I will do whatever I need until I do!

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      1. I understand. That is kind of the same way I felt while guarding although most of the places were very safe. I did not have a weapon: my hours were 7-3 p.m. and I even had time since it was the weekend to study since no one came by for hours at the deserted office buildings. I had a few odd experiences but I also met some good people and it got me through to the next step.

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  2. Wow. I didn’t know you couldn’t eat fruits on keto?! That would be so hard for me, too.
    Hope that Grandma is okay after her fall! & you should totally do the zumba class! It’ll be fun. 😄

    Did you get $ for driving him the bag he left in your car? & ugh that’s so disgusting about the perfume girls, especially the one who didn’t even remember the age of her own child? Wtf. Sorry you got sick & that the guy complained about the smoke smell! 🙄

    I had fun reading about your customers, Julie!! 😂


    1. Thanks Hunida! You can have berries and as long as you stay within your daily carbs, you can have fruit. She seems okay and went to church today so hopefully she is! No way I’m doing Zumba, I cannot do it!
      No extra money for going back, it’s just a nice thing to do. And yeah, those women and their perfume! 🙄

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