Sunday prep day

Since I didn’t get home until after midnight Saturday night, I slept until 8:30am. At least I got enough sleep. I didn’t feel great yesterday morning although I think it’s because I forgot to eat breakfast! How does that happen you ask? Well, sometimes I don’t feel hungry so I don’t eat but then I feel horrible by lunch. After I ate lunch, I felt MUCH better!

I didn’t feel like dealing with the grocery store or having to reinstate my Costco membership for $60. I decided to try out Instacart. I loved it! Yes, I forgot to get Cherry jam that my son wanted but I got everything else! I got all the stuff that I normally get at Costco (my sons hotdogs, cheese, organic ground beef, chips, toilet paper, water, etc). I was so happy with it that I decided to order HEB through them for the stuff I can’t get at Costco too. The only problem I see with Instacart is that it is easy to over order! And of course you have to pray they don’t get lost finding you like the Costco guy did. Thank goodness I used a credit card for the food! I may not use the service again and then again, I might. It was VERY handy, especially since I didn’t feel that great!

My mom usually works all afternoon on Sunday’s but had her own illness issues so she called in sick and stayed home (bathroom issues that she’s under a doctors care for). I thought my day of cooking had gone to crap. I just can’t cook with her down there. She talks to me and is always coming in the kitchen and watching tv at top volume. So when she took a nap at 4pm, I got to cooking.

I made a keto cake, keto buttercream icing, more keto bread, and a keto meatloaf. So good! I had a piece of cake and a slice of meatloaf for dinner. My son tried the cake but said it wasn’t to his liking. More for me!

I took a couple of animal pictures too. Oliver was begging me for my chicken lunch, sleeping in the box I got from Costco, and Amber was sleeping like a human like she likes to do.

Also yesterday was my one year anniversary with WordPress!

Today my son has an orthodontist appointment at 9:30. I have to get my stitches out after that, and then take Ms. Forgets to therapy. It’s going to be a long day! I hope y’all have a good day as well. I look forward to swimming with those out!

16 thoughts on “Sunday prep day

  1. Haha! I remember my first time Costco on vacation. I was out of underpants so I bought loads but I didn’t know you had to have a membership!

    I felt brave and asked if some random people could pay for me and I’d pay them back immediately.
    It was emberrasing but I really wanted that underwear! 😅

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