The Fat Snax company

The owner Jeff and his next in line, Brian, are totally awesome. I love these cookies. They are great on my keto plan and are very tasty and so soft!

About a month ago, I ordered a variety pack from them. I received them and they were all great other than one package that got moldy.

I emailed them and Brian emailed me back that they were sending a replacement variety pack of cookies because they were not going to sell the ginger cookies anymore due to people not wanting them and the issue I had, quite a few others had the same problem.

Well, today, I got my new pack of cookies. 1. There were 4 peanut butter ones and 4 ginger turmeric ones. Huh??? Check out the box as the USPS guy shoved it into a tiny mailbox instead of taking the time to put it at my door.

So I opened the box and saw what they had sent and the condition they were in.

I was really pissed off! I emailed Brian back and I am sharing my email and his reply.

My email:

His reply:

Now tell me. Is this company AWESOME or what? It may take another 2 weeks to get the new box but it’s free and hopefully this one will actually be a variety pack of chocolate chip, peanut butter, and lemon cookies, 24 in all. I’m sure it will since he is doing this again!

I can NOT say they will get here well since USPS seems to not give a crap about how they deliver things. I got the notification that it had been delivered and it wasn’t in my box. I actually had to stop the mail guy and he had put them into someone else’s mailbox! So he pulled them out and hands the messed up package to me. Geez!

I just wanted to tell you guys that if you are looking for a company that stands behind their products, this one definitely fits. Plus the cookies are keto friendly!!!

14 thoughts on “The Fat Snax company

  1. I have an awesome USPS delivery driver. If stuff arrives badly it happened before he got it!
    I have issues with UPS locally, I have filmed the driver throwing packages AT my house from his truck! I have a good 60-70 feet between the kerb and my front steps. I’ve complained repeatedly but they haven’t even changed the driver.

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  2. Aw, I love the e-mail he sent you back! He sounds like such a genuine guy! Lemon sounds way better than ginger turmeric for cookies so I hope you get them soon! You should totally report that UPS guy! He didn’t even put it in the right mailbox?!? Wow!

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