Been busy

I drove for Lyft 6 hours yesterday and 5 hours today. This is why I don’t bother hanging out at the airport with them. Ms. Forgets and I finally went to see the movie today. She was very confused by it and has decided she doesn’t like new movies. I told her we will go to the theatre that shows the old movies next time.

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I took a guy to the airport today and he slept the whole way there! I drove a few people that were on their phone the entire ride. I got tipped by 4 people out of 13. Whatever. I got a bill in the mail for the blood work I got done in May for $290. I already had paid $240 and was told that I shouldn’t be billed anything else so I was pissed to see this in the mail! That’s why I am trying to drive for Lyft more and even signed up for Shipt and Instacart for when I don’t feel like dealing with people in my car.

I had WAY too many carbs yesterday forgetting that I was going to have popcorn at the movies today. So today I felt yucky only because eating carbs now makes me bloated and gassy. Feel sorry for my riders yet? 😂 I promise I didn’t stink anyone out of the car.

I decided to have some popcorn today anyway. I got a Small with butter and OMG it was SO good! Equalizer 2 was pretty good and action packed. It can be confusing if you are not paying attention to every word. So my total carbs today is under 50. Tomorrow it will be under 20. I am back on track.

I watched the new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix over the past couple of days and it was very good. Now I am finally watching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I just started it so no real opinion although I’m happy to see characters from Flash and Supergirl on it!

That’s all that’s going on here. I am starting August right by getting some exercise tonight and be back on track with that too. I’m ready to get these last 15 pounds gone!

Hugs guys, have a great evening!

11 thoughts on “Been busy

  1. Wow – only 4 – not a good ratio – my hubs just used a Lyft service in Miami area and left her – 20 – that is rare but said he felt led to -‘the ride was 40 and he just felt bad for her
    – anyhow – sending good thoughts your way- maybe the bill was a mistake

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  2. It is hard to depend on people for a tip. Yesterday, I went to have my eyebrows threaded and I left a nice tip. When we owned our store, often the customers who tipped were the ones you least expected to tip but they did! The ones who should have tipped because we went out of our way expected us to go out of our way. That is why the cookie crumbles. The ones you least expect…to have the extra money…know …and tip!

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