Another day

I exercised last night doing a YouTube video to help lower back and hip pain. It was great until I rolled over and hurt my front left side. Who knows what I did, I just know it hurts and it sucks! Maybe I should just walk. After working for 8 hours yesterday, I didn’t feel like dealing with the gym. Maybe I should though!

This morning I had a woman going to work. She needed to be there in 15 minutes which is how long the drive said it would take. She asked me to go a different way and told me to step on it. I got her there 3 minutes before it said I would. Tip? Nope!

Another woman got in my car this morning and reeked of pot. I guess some people need to smoke before they can deal with work! Then I had a guy that I had yesterday. He tipped me $5 which was so nice! And a guy going one mile to his office from his hotel. He was very talkative about the age of the hotels in the area. I had to agree since I’ve lived here that long! He did say that he had a 90 year old drive him yesterday which makes me think WOW. That’s a scary thought!

I took Ms. Forgets to therapy and then went right back to driving for Lyft. After taking a guy downtown, I am done for the day. My side hurts, I’m tired, and hungry.

Right after I got here, a Hispanic guy comes up to me asking me if my dad’s car is for sale. I had to get my sons friend that speaks Spanish to come talk to him for me. I am SO glad he was here! The guy offered to bring $800 cash for it on Saturday. Sure! My friends daughter hasn’t even contacted me in a month and hasn’t made a single payment. I’m letting her know on Saturday IF the guy shows up and has cash. Hopefully that will be gone!

That’s it. I’m watching last nights Big Brother and then I have to take my sons friend home. That’s it. I’m taking some Advil and relaxing for a while. Hugs!

15 thoughts on “Another day

  1. Oh man, the smell of pot – especially the kind they have today – is so vile. I’d rather have someone smell like cigarettes. It will be legal here in October. I’m bracing myself for many more people smelling especially terrible.

    Hope your injury heals soon. It’s so frustrating when you *want* to exercise but your body won’t let you.

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    1. Oh I danced today anyway. Can’t let a little pain keep me from my goals! 😀 I promise I didn’t hurt myself any more too.
      And yes, it’s not legal here (and may never be since I’m in Texas) but SO many people smoke it anyway!

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      1. Same here. It may not be legal in name, but nobody seems to care.

        It’s going to get interesting in the next little while as right now, US Border officers can ask if you’ve ever in your life smoked it and have banned people for life for saying they did. (They can’t ban Americans from coming home but at their discretion they can ban anyone else they like.) That’s potentially a whole lot of people no longer able to visit.

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      2. Ah you’re OK, though. They have to let us Americans in regardless of what we say. Otherwise we’d end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal, living our lives out in the airport. 🙂

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  2. My father drove a cab the last year-plus of his life, so I always tip drivers especially well. Actually, having spent a glorious five months as a pizza/sub shop delivery driver, I tend to tip well across the board.

    What galls me is people who think that you ONLY tip when service is impossibly over expectations.

    Umm, no.

    Most “tippable” workers make the bulk of their income from tips (waitstaff, drivers, etc.), so tipping is akin to paying a small fee.

    Scratch that–you should tip simply as a matter of common human courtesy. Full stop.

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  3. Ah! Hope your front left side is feeling much better now?!

    How rude of the lady to tell you to step on it & still not tip?! What the hell?! How do these people live with themselves without tipping people they should?!

    I once had a really old *not 90 though lol* Uber driver that was also handicapped. I was so worried too but he was a safe driver!

    Yay that you’re finally selling that car! Hope that went successfully?! ♡

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    1. I’m still in pain (I believe it’s a bruised rib). The lady was rude but whatever! Scary having an OLD driver although some are great! He didn’t call or show so who knows about the car. 😕

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