Catch up

Oh man! I passed out at 9pm last night after only a couple of pages in one of my new books. I bought 3 of the 7 Dexter books at Half Price Books yesterday. I loved the show so I thought I should read the books.

When I woke up yesterday, I did some arm strength training for 35 minutes.

I took Styled to get her hair done and she then asked me to take her to my jeweler for a watch battery as the place she went to last time was not friendly. I drive her down to Bullocks Jewelers and I always go out of my way to go to the place too. It’s a small shop and Mr. Bullock is always friendly and likes to joke around with people. She loved it too. We went to the grocery store and found that Quest bars are on sale 4 for $5 which is less than half price so we got 2 boxes of 12 for $30 (savings of $41). She was very happy with that. After I dropped her off I got gas, I went by a Kroger and got a protein pack for lunch, and turned on my Lyft app.

Before I took her, I had the Lyft app on and got this woman who said my car smelled like smoke. Damn it! I don’t smoke in the damn car and I have all these car freshener things in it too! I told her a guy got in it smoking earlier and apologized and she was okay with me. That sucks though, smoke doesn’t come out of the car it seems!

I drove a number of men after Styled with Lyft and NONE of them complained. I even got tips yesterday! I took a guy to a restaurant to have a family lunch and he was chatty, nice guy. Then I took a father to the airport that was going to meet up with his family to drive back here. On that ride, I missed an exit and had to turn around. I felt SO bad! I hate the tollway!

After that, I started to stay in the airport que line and talked to a older guy in the lot. He said it can take up to 2 hours to get a ride. I left after that and almost immediately got a call from someone right down the road. This guy wanted to go to a friends house “to lend them some money”. My personal belief is that he was buying drugs but who knows. I took him and then brought him back. He was very nice and tipped me too. I can’t complain!

That was my last ride too. I was tired after driving for 2 hours with Styled and 5 hours with Lyft. I can’t complain about the money I made though. $115 for 5.75 hours with Lyft and $40 with Styled. If I could make that every day, I wouldn’t have to worry about my mother overspending all the time! It never happens though. Sometimes I make $30 for 6 hours which sucks ass!

Today I have the funeral for the husband of the couple. My son is invited to a birthday party at the same time. I had him find a friend that is going so I can drop him off at his friends house and then I can pick him up at the party. When I get him home around 4pm, I plan on going out driving for Lyft once more this week. I don’t like working on Sundays. Those are church and cooking days!

My side hurts much worse today and maybe I slept on it wrong? I still have stuff to do so I will deal with it (thank god for Advil). I almost went out for a walk this morning and then changed my mind. When it’s 77 degrees at 5:30am, who wants to be outside? So I will get the dog walked and go to the gym and use the treadmill for a bit. I’m not going to go too fast but I am going to get some exercise in. I’m in a challenge called #operationmoveyourass on Instagram so I am really trying!

The guy at the hair salon that Styled goes to showed me how to lace up my new shoes really cool so I did that and I love them! I feel like I’m in style or something. I had 2 high carb days this past week so the .4 pound gain this morning didn’t surprise me. I’ll be back down next week. It’s not like I gained 5 pounds so it’s okay. 165.6 this morning when I was 212 in February. 😀

Y’all have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. I hear you about the heat. I walked with the pug this morning and then decided after breakfast to pick some weeds in the garden. I am breaking and working: hot out there. I have to confess that i must read too quickly as I thought “Styled” was your pet. Ouch. I guess you have names for some of your regulars. I understand that! Enjoy the day.

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      1. I thought that you were having your dog groomed every week. That could easily run $200 a month or more! I was thinking …wow…she really cares! I have just learned that the library has several books on keto . I have been printing out recipes. Time to go to the library.

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