Hot Sunday

Boy is it HOT today! My son had friends over to go swimming and hang out. They had a great time! He even invited girls. It seems like they had fun.

A neighbor shared a couple of beers with me too!

A few people asked me what powdered peanut butter is. Here is the container. It has less carbs than premade peanut butter too so yay!

I have figured out that I have a bruised rib so I am being very careful with what I do for a while. I still have to get exercise, I just can’t roll around on the floor anymore. I’m just glad it’s not broken (I felt around and can’t feel a break but I know it’s a rib based on all the evidence and what I read). I mean, it might be fractured but I can breathe so it’s not poking anything. I will be fine, I just need more rest. I looked up exercises on YouTube and found plenty so I’ll be alright. No more lifting for a while though!

Yesterday I drove for Lyft. I picked up this girl and she was crying for at least 10 minutes. I finally asked if she was okay and offered some tissue. Then I asked if she wanted to stop for ice cream since we were passing by a Baskin Robbins and that made her laugh. She seemed better by the time I got her home. I didn’t make as much as I wanted total but that’s okay. I didn’t want to drive with drunk people late at night either.

I had a woman with 4 friends that wanted to get in my midsize car and I made her cancel the request since there was NO way I could fit them and I wasted time waiting on her. I don’t even care if it pissed her off! I only make $5 for cancellations. I did take 4 people to a restaurant and they were stuffed in my car so hell no I can’t fit 5!

I did the dishes last night and walked for a whopping 16 minutes when I got home from driving. I just wanted to hit my 30 minute exercise goal from my watch so I did. I went to the funeral yesterday and ducked out after 30 minutes. I can’t stand funerals and really didn’t feel like saying hello to the entire family (5 kids and over 15 grandkids). I like them, don’t get me wrong, I just couldn’t do it. I did sign the book so they would know I had been there.

Nothing else going on, I just wanted to say HI!

10 thoughts on “Hot Sunday

  1. Aww, I feel bad for the crying girl. That was sweet of you to offer ice cream – at least you were able to cheer her up for a little while. ♡ I wouldn’t have drove the 5 women either, they can be mad all they want! & I don’t blame you for for leaving the funeral. I don’t like them either. 😕

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