Eating issues

So this week I have been struggling to stay within my allotted 1500 calories per day. Yesterday I had 1611 because I got these snacks in the mail and REALLY wanted to try one! Today I have already had 1100 calories which leaves me 400 for dinner. Thankfully I have leftover ground beef and shredded cheese and bacon to mix up for dinner with lettuce. I’m so afraid I will still be hungry! That little bit will take all 400 calories so let’s hope it fills me up for the night!

I think it’s because my body is going back into ketosis after having that popcorn last week. I am eating very low carbs right now to get back in ketosis plus I am healing so my body is looking for extra whatever OR maybe it’s because these new snacks have allulose in them and so I’m getting a form of sugar so I crave more sugar? I really don’t know.

Allulose definition from Google:

I washed towels and sheets today with no help from my child. He worked on a school homework assignment and did not do any research on it so when I read the shoddy half page he wrote, I told him it was D quality work so he ripped it up and hasn’t done anything else. This child I swear. 🙄 He has to do well in school this year to get into a good high school and he’s not even trying!

I am also feeling down this afternoon. I was hoping that having clean sheets on my bed would help but it didn’t. I tried reading and finished the 3rd book of the Dexter series but still feel down. I’m not in the mood for Netflix either (there really is something wrong with me, huh?).

Anyway, that’s my update. I’m hungry but can’t eat until dinner at 6pm. I’m not losing weight that I know of (I weigh on Saturday) but when I go over my calories and don’t get any exercise, it makes sense!

I hope all of you are having a good Thursday and will have a great Friday!

23 thoughts on “Eating issues

  1. I made some delicious muffins for breakfast: pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Not difficult and very good. I made half of the recipe and ate 2 muffins. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. I like reading your blog because you inspire me.

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  2. Hahaha you and your son are just so funny. 😂 I think you may be feeling down because you’re hungry & you know that little bit for dinner is not going to cure you. Maybe it would be okay to eat enough to where you’re full for one day?!

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      1. For instance the other day I had only few carbs left And I have cocked some tofu spaghetti you can see the picture in my instagram and they were very filling 6g of Carb for the entire package

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  3. Sorry to say this – but those boxed bars looked horrible – after years of slowly cleaning up my eating – I despise all boxed foods and protein bars are usually a big joke and ripoff – see msrks daily Apple for more on that.
    Oh and the new sweetener scares me too – I am a pure Stevia fan and feel
    Skeptical – whew – it is pretty sad what they do to food – but enough of gay!!
    Thanks for the sharing and best wishes on your upcoming weekend

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      1. Yes – but they are still in s box! That foil
        Or plastic wrapping are still processed bars and not as bad as skittles and candy bars – but the protein bars are something we had our eyes opened too – there are cheap and delicious homemade desserts that blow away expensive protein bars – like we just made avacado chocolate pudding with 4 ingredients and added walnuts – cheaper than a box of packaged bars and alive with dense fats to sustain and all that flavor –

        Anyhow – sorry to ramble but lights recently came on for us and the protein bars are just presented as something they are not –

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      2. Nic, please feel free to ramble on! I usually make my own desserts as well, I haven’t want to stand in my kitchen since last Friday and saw these and thought I would try them. 😀

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      3. well thanks – and there is a time for easy and sustaining.
        we just tried collagen powder and whew – it is sooooooo good
        like a protein shake but better.
        oh and I still give out protein bars to students at times, but I think I chimed in here because my spouse and I said we felt duped – we ate those thinking it was “so good” but it is not at all that good. and usually they have “industrial oils” and well – enough…
        have a great day J

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      4. Understandable on collagen versus protein shake powder! I love my vanilla protein powder added into quite a few recipes. And the bars are only every once in a while for me. Eating those every day would not do my body good.

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  4. And one more thing – I have heard when you eat the right dense foods – well
    It is never calorie counting – it is always eat tilmyour full and it is a lot more satisfying –

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