Interesting morning

I was awake again at 3:50am. This really does need to stop. I was out the door by 5 walking the dog. I was in my car by 5:30 to drive for Lyft. No sooner than I pulled out of my garage, I got a call. Woo hoo! I picked this guy up and drove him to our big airport. We chatted the whole time about our sons. He was going to meet his son in New Jersey and drive him back down here. That’s a LONG drive! He tipped me $5 and was a nice guy.

As I was on my way back to the freeway to drive home, I got a call in Atascacita. I picked up a girl and drove her the one mile to her job. On my way back, I stopped at an Exxon station to fill up. While I was there, this girl parks, jumps out of her car, and is totally freaking out. I ask her what’s wrong and she says “there’s a huge dragonfly in my car and I can’t get it out. When the wings start going, it freaks me out!” I asked if I could help and she said yes. I reached in, pulled it out of her back window by its tail (or it’s butt…not sure what you call the tail end of a dragonfly), and it tried to grab a hold of my hand but I let it go. No big deal. This girl was very happy though! I just said no problem and walked away. I’m always happy to make somebody’s day!

So I get back in my car and start to drive back to Houston. It took me an hour because it was morning rush hour. I logged out of Lyft and went by La Madeleine and got eggs for myself and Cranky (the caregiver didn’t want any). I went over and visited with Cranky and the caregiver for a while and just got home.

My mom’s maid is coming today. I’m glad because my son tried to put dog food down the bathroom sink a few days ago and it’s been stuck ever since so it’s pretty bad. I’m hoping the maid can get the sink stopper up so it can be cleaned out (I tried but pulling on anything hurts me right now). I did my best to get the food out of the sink but couldn’t get it all and I can’t stand my sink stopping up every time you turn on the water!

Ms. Forgets decided to cancel therapy today so I don’t have any work. That might be a good thing because I hurt. I guess I will be for a while!

I am ready for a nap though and think I will do that before she gets here. Y’all have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Interesting morning

  1. I hope you feel better. We have house guests for several months but they also helped and paid rent while we had our store. Army buddy of my husband. His teenage son piled paper down the toilet and the toilet overflowed. To this day, I think he did it on purpose but what can you do. Eventually, he left. I think he had some unexplained issues. I don’t like spending any time with this son. That suspicion is still in the back of my mind about that and several items which went missing which were part of my husband’s music collection. I also lost a pay as you go cell phone. Replaceable but I just don’t care for the teenager. Thanks for listening.

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    1. I’m sure I will get better, it just takes time. and yeah, some kids are a pain. My son didn’t know that the stopper was pretty much fixed in place and not to put something down it since we could at our old place.

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