2pm Friday

Yes, it’s 2pm here in Texas. Today is my ex husbands (my sons father) birthday. He is 38. Does he wish to spend the day with his kid? Nope! Does it surprise me? Nope! 🙄

I worked for Lyft from 5:20-8:30am today. I took a guy to the airport and he slept the whole way. Then I took a kid to football practice and then a stinky guy to his job. When I dropped him off, it was 8:07. I had to pick up Styled at 9:30 and I was clear across Houston!

I got on the tollway and was able to get near her place by 8:45. Lyft signed me out at 8:30 saying nobody needed a ride in the direction I was headed, umm, okay! I was thinking to myself that Half Price Books probably didn’t have The Outsiders by Stephen King and why should I go in when I have 4 more Dexter series books to read. I changed my mind and headed in. They had the book! So yay!

I got to finish the 4th book in the Dexter series while I waited for Styled to get her hair done. Now on to the 5th! I did not get my nails redone after her hair appointment, I didn’t want to pay the $10 when I am struggling with bills at the moment so I will do them myself. Styled got hers done. I took her for her groceries and got her home. I drove home and took my son to the bookstore and he’s still there.

I got all but one of my mom’s bills set up for autopay finally too. Go me! The gas company didn’t even make me verify anything, they just let me set it all up. All of the other companies, I had to have my mom with me. That’s okay. It’s done.

I am eating salad, vegetables, anything filling but am still hungry. I need to google about healing and hunger. Maybe there’s something to that.

Here is just one thing I found:

I found a new social media site for people trying to lose weight. It’s called Twinbody. I am of course juliehcares on it and it seems like it’s a motivational site where you can make friends with the same struggles. I like it so far.

Y’all have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “2pm Friday

  1. What? I don’t think it’s fair that Lyft signs you out! It should be up to you when you’re done with it. That’s awesome that you were able to find the Stephen King book! Happy Friday, Jules. ♡

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