Oh man! I was out the door after I posted earlier to work on the car. I called AAA and they came out and replaced the battery FOR FREE! I had no idea it was under warranty and I am SO glad it was! I then drove the car to the local gas station and the guy there checked all the fluids, the tires, and even cleaned the windows for $9.76. I gave him a $5 tip too. He was really nice! I then drove it to the dollar store and bought a “for sale” sign, a permanent marker, and some tape and put the sign on the car. I drove home and posted the car on Facebook marketplace, Instagram, and Nextdoor. Here is my ad. Tell me what you think!

I sent the info to about 10 friends as well so they can help spread the word. Even my sons psychologist said he would send it out. Yay! Now I’m playing the waiting game to see who will come buy it.

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