Sunday cook day

Hello all you lovely people! Today I am going to cook!

I have invited my friend and her 3 year old over this afternoon. She is starting keto and says she doesn’t know what to eat. She used to eat fruit constantly so this is a difficult transition for her.

Side note: As of yesterday, my appetite is back to normal. I am unsure why I was starving all day for 3 days but I had breakfast yesterday and was full until late in the afternoon! I’m so glad to be back to normal.

We are making a few things today.

1. Chicken winglets

2. Rib eye steak with riced cauliflower and asparagus.

3. Tacos

4. Keto donuts

Man I am looking forward to having a donut! I pray these come out tasting as good as a real one!

This one is from

And last but not least: 5. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars from!

I think those will keep me happy for a few days! And all I have to get at the store is the asparagus and winglets. I have everything else already here. Woo hoo! I gave credit to the recipe makers on each picture so I hope you enjoy them or look them up for even more recipes!

My son kept me up until after 1am. So at 7:15 when my mother started her “prewash” right outside my bedroom door, I was NOT happy! My son wanted to go to church this morning but it started 2 minutes ago. I told him at 12:30am that I would not wake him up since he kept me up. I guess he slept through his alarm. He can go to the later service, no big deal.

I’m awake, I took some Advil as well as all of my vitamins, I got dressed, I walked the dog, I printed out my recipes, I am ready to go! Y’all have a great Sunday! Maybe I can talk my friend into making a YouTube video with me later while we let her toddler chase my mom’s cats. πŸ˜‚

9 thoughts on “Sunday cook day

  1. This morning was a cleaning morning for me after walking the dog. You can really get a lot of exercise cleaning if you deep clean with vacuum behind the couch, the ceiling, clean the toilet, etc. Last night, I felt hungry and made a simple peanut butter cookie recipe and ate one. Enjoy your sunday.

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