Random stuff today

Yeah, I’m not awake yet. So here’s some random stuff I did online yesterday and this morning.

I took my son for his yearly checkup yesterday before school starts. He mentioned the word “depressed” and got them all upset and calling for a psych consult. Luckily, we knew the woman they sent to make sure he wasn’t going to commit suicide 🙄 and we had literally JUST told her that he was seeing a great psychologist so she let us leave. The visit took almost 2 hours! And most of the time, they made me stand in the damn hallway. So I took a picture of his closed room door while I waited.

My son also went to the movies after that fiasco at the doctor. He met up with 4 friends and they saw Slenderman, the Meg, and the Darkest Minds. I had to go back and pick him up at 10pm and the boys (and the one girl) seemed to have fun.

He has to go to school today to get his 8th grade schedule. He is excited to see his friends but doesn’t want to “darken the halls of that place” (his words).

I took Ms. Forgets to her therapy yesterday and today she has a doctors appointment and that will be it for her this week. A whole 8 hours of work not including Styled tomorrow. I just didn’t care about working this week. I will have to get with it next week when I START COLLEGE!!!!

I finally got my financial aid to come through after calling the school. I got an email that said if I didn’t pay for my 3 classes yesterday, I could be dropped from them. Since I have been waiting to hear from financial aid, I freaked out and called the school. There was some error on their part, they fixed it, and an email came through with the money around 5pm last night. Whew!

And last but not least, I always see this woman on Instagram that shows how much she has lost and compares it with a real life object so I thought I would too. I didn’t realize that I have lost more weight than a baby elephant!!! Wow. I made this, I’m such a happy camper.

So, still haven’t sold my dad’s car, have to buy textbooks and pay for school parking today, and I am going to try to relax this weekend before my life gets crazy on Monday!

Have a good Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Random stuff today

  1. The most effective and best “diet” I ever did, was a “water melon diet”.
    It wasn’t an actual diet, but I was obsessed with this fruit and it’s what I ate all day for a month. Dropped 5kg !
    Must say it also worked a lot for the digestion.

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  2. When I was in High School, they gave us this checklist in Health Class that was like “check yes, no, or maybe” for each statement– apparently I had crossed off enough for them to think I was depressed & I was called down to the office. It was a quick meeting where I just told her I was “happy” & not depressed, she let me go back to class right away.

    I really wanna see that Slenderman movie! That sounds so fun that him & his friends went to three movies in a row together!

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  3. The word “Depression” has become a red flag to many school districts as they hear “school shooter”, and you were not invited in because kids are rarely totally honest with a parent/guardian present …

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