Monday morning is here again

So yesterday my son had his “party”. 4 kids showed up. Whew! I was so afraid that there would be more! 3 boys and a girl. They hung out in his room and played video games and went outside to the playground. They had a good time.

I got to talk to one of the moms and she sent me a math tutors phone number. I called her and she asked if she could call me back. I’m still waiting. I’m also waiting to hear from the nutrition class, still! I emailed my advisor this morning because I am very worried that my other 2 teachers have uploaded lectures already.

I was walking Amber when I got home from taking my sons friend home and fell by tripping on the sidewalk. I’m not hurt that bad. I let my knees and hands catch me. I am such a klutz!

I have one job this afternoon with Ms. Forgets. Otherwise I will be listening to my first Math lecture. There’s already tests waiting for me so I hope to hear from the tutor quickly!

I made a cube steak for brunch yesterday. I topped it with cheese and cooked it in butter and it was yummy!

My really exciting news is that I decided to try on my sons old PE shirt. It’s a size medium and OMG, it fits! For those of you that follow me on Instagram, juliehcares, you have probably seen all of these pictures. I’m sure I have readers that don’t know though!

I am so excited about the size! I wore a size medium in 6th grade. Seriously!!! One of the other moms that came over told me I weigh less than she does now. She’s thin and I’m still like NO WAY. She said she weighs 162. She told me I probably wear a size 10 in clothes and should go shopping to check because it would make me realize how much I have truly lost. I haven’t because of the excess skin and I know I will have a HUGE muffin top if I wear jeans or something that actually fits. I guess I need to start wearing my stomach tightening stuff too.

That’s it. I hope you guys have a great Monday. I’ll be studying and working!

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