What a LONG fricking day!

Y’all – I was up at 5am and wasn’t asleep last night until 11pm. Too fricking long of a day!!!

I left for school at 6:40am to see how traffic would be to get there. School is 9 miles away from my house. Should be easy, right? It took me 45 minutes! Since class is at 8:30 and parking is SO bad at school, I may have to leave earlier than that tomorrow. I don’t mind being early, I would rather get a good parking spot and already be there. I forgot to take anything with me for breakfast, lunch, or snacks, even drinks!

Before class, I found an Einstein Bagel place and got a thing of Smart Water so I would have a drink in class. Class was great. The anatomy professor is funny but serious about us learning. He even posted study guides! After class, I went to talk to my advisor. I was told that I need to make an appointment for next week since there are none this week. Well, I need help now though! She didn’t help me much other than tell me the last day to drop a class without penalty. 🙄 After that, I went upstairs in the same building and got fingerprinted to be able to take tests. They are VERY serious about kids not being able to cheat which I think is good. All of my tests are in this one place so that had to get done.

I then went next door to the tutoring center and got this lovely young lady who did the precalculus for me so I still didn’t get it. She told me honestly that since I had not been in school for so long, she suggested I take a lower level class. I left the school at noon after that and drove home. I thought about the class, what she said, as well as how stressed out I am over the first quiz. It took me another 45 minutes to drive home. Parking was $10 for 4.5 hours!!!

I was starving when I got home! I ate a burger (with no bread of course) and made the decision to change math classes. I found two available. One that started an hour from then and one in the evening. I don’t want to fight traffic in the evenings so I picked the one that started at 2:30pm. So I told my mom and son goodbye again and went back to school.

I had no idea where my class was but thankfully my friend that works there found out and I got there right before class started. The professor again is very nice and pretty tough. Since I had just switched, my online app didn’t show the new class so I was furiously trying to write down everything he did in class. Yes, he started teaching math yesterday and not just going over the syllabus!!! The young girl next to me said I could snapshot her computer screen instead of taking notes but I was like, thanks, I’ll be okay. I talked to the professor after class and he was very nice and emailed me the notes until the app is updated. He started with slope and y intercept. Eek! At least that is easier than special triangles!!!

I got home at 5pm (an hour drive home). I had to pay another $4 to park so I spent $14 yesterday just on parking. I looked into Uber taking me but that was $20 each way so that’s out. Walking from my class to my car was awful as I was trying to hurry and kids don’t seem to understand that if you are moving slow, you should go to the right side to let people pass you on the left. Driving out of the parking garage and getting out of the school area was horrendous since there were pretty much half the school going home at the same time. It was a crazy day!

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will go to school early and just stay there all day. I will pack a huge bag of waters and a lunch, and eat breakfast before I go. I can just study in the 4 hours between classes which may end up being a good thing and helping me earn the A’s I want.

I ended up eating a little over 1000 calories yesterday because of missing breakfast. AND I actually hit my watch goals for the first time in 3 weeks since I was walking all over campus!

The only thing I have today is taking my son to dye his hair blue. God help me. And thank goodness that my son is paying half of the cost on his own and child support covers the rest. His Dad is NOT happy about that! I told him to let his son learn the hard way and he agreed, finally. This is what he wants his hair to look like. I’ll get a picture when he’s done and see how close the hairdresser can get.

Then I will come home and start studying math. I did about an hour of biology work last night but haven’t finished that so I need to do that. I also need to finish chapter 1 of nutrition. I may not be working much the next 4 months because this is tough! And spring semester will be about the same, back in precalculus, the 2nd half of the biology class, and another nutrition class.

I hope you guys have a great hump day!

21 thoughts on “What a LONG fricking day!

  1. Ouch on parking fees! I suppose you don’t have trains like us here or public buses. I hope you find a parking space that offers season parking i.e. parking fees for a month with unlimited parking hours. As for school, it sounds tough but hang in there as once you get into the groove, it gets better. Rest up!

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    1. I am on the wait list for a remote parking space where I will have to catch a bus back to my car. We have public transportation here but it royally sucks and it’s not feasible to use it unless I want to leave at 5am and not get home until 8pm and walk a mile to and from the bus stop.


      1. Now that is poor urban planning for public transportation. But I guess America is a big country and putting up trains like us that is running into every nook or cranny underground is costly. Remote parking sounds unsafe to me. Plus you have to catch a bus still. Stay safe whilst on campus.

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  2. First post in while and you already surprise me with – SCHOOL!!!??? What are you learning?! You had courses online if I remember correct and you moved through pretty good!

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    1. I took the online course for certification in nutrition and liked it so much that I decided to go back to school for a nutrition degree.
      This is much harder but I think it will be worth it in the end!

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