Saturday morning

Yesterday was a short post because I was mad at my son for being rude but wanted to post something like I do every day.

I worked both jobs yesterday and they were normal which is good. I studied anatomy for 2 hours and math for an hour and a half. I watched Big Brother from Thursday night and WOW!!! That was screwed up! I won’t tell you but it was crazy. I played games on my phone and was in bed by 10.

I was up at 6am this morning. I guess getting up early is just my thing now. Whatever. I played on my phone for a while and wasn’t ready to get moving for a couple of hours. I walked the dog and then decided, after 2 friends on Instagram said I should, went for a walk. Thanks Jim!

When I was walking home, I started to feel faint and dizzy. I walked another 3/10ths of a mile and finally had to stop. I was still a good 10-15 minute walk from being home. My heart rate was 180!!! I sat down on a sidewalk, stretched for 10 minutes, and got up to continue my walk home. I walked back to the corner to cross the street and felt dizzy again. I walked back to my seat and called Lyft. This nice man drove me home and offered me water. I told him since I was going home that I would be okay but thank you. Very nice guy!

So I’m back home, have drunk 4 bottles of water, and I’m feeling much better. I am tired and I’m not going back outside for a while, but I’m fine. I forgot to take water with me and I probably shouldn’t have tried to do my 5K my first time getting back out there for exercise. Oh well. Live and learn. Know your limits and know when to stop 🛑 !!!

My son has therapy today and that’s all we have going on. I will study some math, read my biology book 📖, and relax.

Do you know when to stop and relax? Do you try to keep going when you know you should stop? Are you getting your exercise in?

16 thoughts on “Saturday morning

      1. THank you. I do feel lighter and healthier. I still have quite a few pounds to lose. Dish preparation can be challenging at times with buying and making the items, but we are both learning a lot about our bodies and health. I am happy that you are back in school and completed the first week!!

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  1. U are so right –
    No when to pause and never ever ever push thru some things – especially in heat and all that!
    Our friend – Gary Snyder – passed away in summer 2001 – riding a bike on a very hot morning – heart attack – and who knows the other factors but Julie – you were so wise to call for a ride – in my opinion!

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      1. Last month a friend of ours asked us “is it true that taking a nap is as good for your heart – or better – than working out” and we said it depends on what your body needs – but rest (naps or sleep or down time) is crucial –
        Have you ever heard of karoshi!?
        It is death from over work –
        Look it up

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