Sunday cooking day

Good morning!!! Why am I so chipper? I honestly have no clue whatsoever. You would think that since my son’s godmother is coming this afternoon to help me with math, I would be feeling sad. Naw! I’m going to cook this morning! So I have those steaks still because I froze them so they are thawing. I am going to make a few new keto recipes as well as a couple of good favorites of mine. I think I gained .2 pounds this week because I didn’t cook last weekend. I was so stressed about starting school that I didn’t bother. So stress plus no meal prep equals weight gain. Oh I know it was only .2 pounds! I’m not freaking out or anything. I just know I can do better!

My son wants his mac and cheese lasagna as well so it looks like I’ll be baking up a storm this morning! He had therapy yesterday and his psychologist came out and told me that he is buying my son a punching bag and MMA gloves. Really??? I told him to let me know how much so I can pay him back an he said, “Oh no. This is my gift to him.” 😮 Wow!!! So now I have to figure out where to put it. I may be having to park outside on the street again because I don’t really have anywhere to put it other than in the garage! This picture is before he found that out. How does the blue look?

Last night, my son wanted scrambled eggs for dinner. I go downstairs and tell my mom and ask if she wants some too since I’m cooking them anyway. She says sure. I make their eggs. My mother comes in the kitchen to get hers and then goes in the pantry for a bottle of ketchup. I remind her that she has 3 already opened in the fridge. She tells me, “I don’t want cold ketchup. It will make my eggs cold.” So I tell her to heat it up in the microwave and she replies, “The ketchup will be runny if I do that!” And the 74 year old woman is pouting!!! So I just walked away. I mean, THREE open bottles and you want to open a 4th???

I sold my Dad’s car today! A co-worker of my mom’s came by and offered me $800 for it. Since she’s a friend, sure! So I gave her the car key and she’s going to pay my mom. I’m glad that’s all taken care of! She will have her mechanic come get it on Tuesday.

So I will leave you with these tidbits. Have a great Sunday!!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday cooking day

  1. My Godson uses a punching bag for stress. He’s around the same age as your son. I bought him his own gloves for his Birthday. They have a Rec Center with a bag next door to where they live.
    I like the blue.
    Have you talked to him about accepting Christ at camp? What was his motivation and how serious was he?
    I can totally relate to your last quote.

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