Oh Monday

Happy Tuesday to you guys!

First day of school yesterday. He would NOT smile for a picture!

I took Ms. Forgets to have some psychological testing done. We were there 4 hours. I am so glad I had my laptop and very appreciative of their free WiFi!

What did I do with the rest of my day? I watched Sunday’s big brother, I watched a movie on Netflix, and I read half of another chapter in Anatomy, and caught up on y’all’s blogs.

I had a piece of cake with Choc Zero white chocolate dipping sauce on top and OH wow, that was SO good!

I went shopping at 3 different stores and didn’t find anything long sleeve that I was willing to wear and also found that I DO wear a size 10 AND they are a bit big! Not big enough to go to an 8, but getting there. I am so amazed! Last year, I wore an 18-20 and now I’m down that many sizes????

I ordered a few long sleeve shirts from Walmart. Since it’s not long sleeve shirt season, there don’t seem to be any in stores so I just did it online. The good thing is if they don’t fit, I can drive to Walmart an return them!

I also got 30 minutes of strength training yesterday.

Today is school day. I have to pay for my parking pass after class but I’m not moving my car today. I’ll just pay for the garage today and park in the very far away parking lot on Thursday. BUT this will save me over $300 for the semester so I have to do it!

Have a great day!

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