I was so mad yesterday!

As far as school goes, it was a pretty good day. My classes are hard but I will get through them.

What made me mad was after with parking! I parked in the garage in the morning and went to the parking office to get my permit for remote parking. Remote parking is 2 miles from the school and you ride a bus from and back to your car. I moved my car to my new parking after my first class.

This picture is from my school website, uh.edu and remote parking is not somewhere you can walk to from school and be safe, it’s off the freeway!

I parked and the bus came within a few minutes. They packed that bus like a subway car after all the stops. I really had to use the restroom so I got off early on campus to go and then walked from there. I did some homework and then went to math class. I made 2 new friends! We exchanged numbers and Instagram (mine is juliehcares). After class, I went to the bus stop to get back to my car to go home.

I waited and waited and waited. After sitting there for 45 minutes (if you don’t believe me ask my BFF since I was texting her) and watching buses drive by because they were full. Another girl said she was going to a different bus stop so I went with her. We waited another 5 minutes after walking across campus and finally got on a bus! Come to find out, the parking lot that holds over 1000 cars only has 2 buses. 2!!! That’s insane. I hated it. I didn’t get home until almost 6pm when I got out of class at 3:45. Completely ridiculous!

I will try it on Thursday and if it’s that bad again, I am just going to pay the garage parking fee daily. Considering I get to school by 7am, I do not want to be there that late. I have other stuff to do! Like when I got home, I ate, did more homework, washed all the dishes, and fed my son. and then had to go straight to bed because today is a crazy morning as well.

One good thing about having to walk all over campus is that I definitely got my walking in! Now if I could do that every day, I would feel better about when I am lazy and just stay in bed and read school stuff.

My mom is having a colonoscopy at 6:30am so we are leaving when I post this. Then I have to pick up Ms. Forgets for a doctors appointment. So my day should be over before 2pm and I will study while my mom is having her procedure this morning. Whew!

I need to make flash cards too so I can’t forget to take markers and flash cards with me this morning! I have to memorize these math formulas and the anatomy stuff. We did chemical structures of enzymes in anatomy today. We even had a quiz after class to match the names with the sequence. Already! This is going to be tougher than I thought!!!

Anyway, have a great Wednesday. You know what I’ll be up to!

13 thoughts on “I was so mad yesterday!

  1. That is a crazy wait!! 2 buses??!! They collect fees and ignore the commute to and from school. Sigh. Hope your mum’s colonoscopy is all good. Glad you are doing good at school. Whoo hoo you are getting the exercise indeed.

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  2. Oh, that is BS 2 buses really ?!?! The students need to start a petition for better commuter services that is just not okay especially with all the fees I am sure they are racking in…ugh

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