Good morning my friends

So I shared a question on Instagram just now and I will pose it to you guys too. What movie is my shirt from?

I was so excited about it that I had to wear it today. I got my loot crate last night so I will do that post later. This shirt was in it!

It’s 7am and I’ve been parked in the parking lot since 6:45. I think I told you guys that if I don’t drive here early, I will be late to school. Sad I know.

Yesterday my mom had her colonoscopy and everything came back just fine. I’m happy about that. Ms. Forgets called and cancelled on me again so I went to Target to get my son some socks and protein bars for school and went home to study. I studied math for hours! While my mom was having her procedure, I read my nutrition book so that was done. I did not even look at Anatomy. I did print out the slides from class, I also forgot to get them off the printer last night and this morning. Oops!

I’m going to steal Andrea’s idea and make a video of my story. I will probably post it to YouTube and then copy the link onto here. That won’t be until the weekend though. I have a math quiz due on Saturday so that comes first.

I am also going to take my month end pictures and measurements this weekend since it’s the end of the month. I am working on losing these last 10-20 pounds. I have to say, when I was bigger and people would say that they have such a hard time losing 10 pounds, I just laughed at them. NOW I know exactly what they meant! I eat right, stay on my keto plan, and those pounds just don’t want to budge! So to anybody I pissed off when I was bigger, I apologize. I believe in myself and know I will lose it. My mom wants me to go have a consultation with a plastic surgeon about the excess skin since I never heard back from TLC to be on the show. Maybe I should start a GoFundMe for it. My mom would be happy if I did it. Hmm….

Did you figure out the movie? I’ll post the answer on my Loot Crate post. Or you can guess on my Instagram juliehcares.

No exercise yesterday. I forgot since I was studying and then watching Kim’s Convenience Store on Netflix. If you need a good laugh with a show you can just play in the background, that’s a great one!

Hugs you guys!

9 thoughts on “Good morning my friends

  1. I’ve never heard of Office Space lol so I couldn’t guess the shirt!
    You will lose those pounds in no time, Julie, it’s okay that it’s taking a little longer now! & if removing the excess skin will make you feel better, why not?

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