Friday catchup

Hello! So I wanted to tell you guys a few things this morning.

I emailed the parking guy at school.

He replied:

Yeah okay. We shall see! 🙄

A new challenge for September. I have been getting 67 ounces a day so I am going to try to up it a little more this coming month.

A couple of motivational things.

I signed up for a weight loss challenge through Jillian and HealthyWage and I’ve already beaten what I set out to do. I just need to make sure I don’t gain anything in the next months and I will get my money back Times 2!

I think Lexi Reed is very motivational and I hope you guys feel the same about me. I do try to be!

Yesterday I walked over 11,000 steps and hit all 3 Apple Watch goals.

I wish I did this every day but at least I do 3 times a week! I am going to have to step up my game though because I don’t think I lost anything again this week. I will find out tomorrow. I kind of can’t wait to measure myself tomorrow too! I love seeing how I did in that way each month.

It’s been a nice morning. I slept in until 5:30! That’s the first time all week I wasn’t up before 5. It is time to get moving though. I hope you have a fantastic Friday! Just remember, you have to do things for yourself, nobody can help you like YOU! God helps too if you need more support. I doubt I would be back in school or have lost the weight without Gods help!

10 thoughts on “Friday catchup

  1. I am doing a lot of walking on campus while working at a campus also this semester. It feels exhausting at the end of the day! I also spent one hour waiting for a bus which will drop me near our house. And then it rained. I understand these challenging times.

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      1. It rains almost every afternoon! I have been caught several times. It is the lightning which scares me! I like the new campus but it is different from the smallness of the other campus. It is like the “wild wild West.” Everything and everyone moves quickly except the bus. When someone offers me a lift, I jump on it!

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