First Saturday after school started

Here it is. The first Saturday since my son went back to school. He was mad all week about going to school. He walked to school and home 3 days this past week, and 2 of those days he walked an extra half mile to go get a Frappuccino before school. I actually got to take him to school yesterday and then picked up him and a neighbor kid up after school yesterday since I was at home anyway. They said they had a horrible week (profanity was actually used) and they are glad it’s a 3 day weekend. Me? I am SO happy they are back in school! I can concentrate more on my own school.

I got a phone call at 10:30pm last night when I was about to go to sleep. Another parent called to say that his sons friend had gotten a message from my son that he was going to off himself. I freaked out and went in his room where he was sitting happily playing Fortnight. He talked to me and the other parent and said he is not that stupid and he didn’t say that. Well, why would this kid make something like that up and get parents all freaked out? So I went and checked my sons texts (one of the reasons he’s not allowed to have his own Apple ID). There is no mention of anything like that. So WTH? Well, at least my son knows that the other parent and I listen and react quickly now. Weird. And he’s fine, I already checked on him this morning and he is sleeping away.

I got some exercise in yesterday. I did arm weights for some strength training for 30 minutes.

I did my normal Saturday weigh in even though I weighed yesterday for the end of the month. Here are my August to September stats. I can’t complain!!!

This past week has been 2 of my clients birthdays. So I took a cake to the 88 year old.

I had to try a tiny slice. It was really good!!! I avoided the middle with the strawberries (allergic) so I only had a sliver of cake. I figure it was probably half a slice and that was 20 carbs! So I went over my carbs a bit yesterday but I am right back on track today. No big deal. I’m still at 160 so I can’t complain! Now, if I gained like 5 pounds, I would freak out. I believe I have learned how to maintain while still having certain foods every once in a while.

I posted on Instagram yesterday (juliehcares) that I need help with new keto recipes as I am getting tired of the same old thing. My buddy Alexx came through and another girl on there did too, both with cauliflower recipes! So I will try one this week and one the next. My mom has to go low fiber (diverculosis) so she can’t have cauliflower for a while, or popcorn, or nuts. She’s very upset. So I get this food all to myself. Woohoo!

So I am about to get dressed, walk the dog, and then head down to pick up another client at the beach. I don’t have to pick her up until 11 so I thought I would go take my walk down there, go by the gym to shower (I called my gym here and they said I can go there), go eat a good breakfast, and then go get her. Sounds like a good morning to me!

Have a great day!

15 thoughts on “First Saturday after school started

      1. Yes..I heard of those who went on shooting rampage in schools then killed selves. I believed it stemmed from depression. You have got interpersonal skills with your clients. They love you and treat you like family😉

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  1. That’s so scary about your son! Is it possible he deleted his messages before you could read them? You should tell his therapist about it even if you found no proof.

    So sweet that you brought the beautiful cake to your clients! You definitely deserved to have that small slice. 🙂

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