Saturday smash day

Another LONG day is over! I look forward to not going anywhere today!

I woke up at 5am yesterday, was walking the dog at 6, and driving to the beach by 6:30am. It poured down rain so hard on my drive there were times I was going 40mph (the speed limit is 65) and if you know I45 at all, that is scary going that slow! Thankfully most drivers slowed down in the rain, there were only a couple that flew by me. It was definitely a downpour! When I got to the island, it was still raining so I didn’t think I would get to walk the beach and since it was only 8am and I didn’t have to pick up Miss Priss until 11, I went and found a Starbucks across from where the cruise liners leave Galveston.

I had a cold brew to stay on keto and the barista knew I was doing keto! She said they have a lot of people on it that come in. I posted on Instagram from my car that I would work out later and then decided to drive to the beach anyway. I ended up walking 2.2 miles in 36 minutes. I only got a little sprinkled on too so it worked out great!

I brought Miss Priss home, got paid, then went home to eat some chicken for lunch. An hour after that at 2:30pm, I had to take my son to a pool party nowhere near us. Then I was off to his godparents house about 20 minutes away for a tutoring session and help with a quiz. We ended up taking it 3 times to get a 100 so I was there 2 hours an she had things to do. I felt bad but she said it was no big deal. She took off and I hung out chatting with her husband and kids and I didn’t get home until 8pm and had to pick up my son at the party at 10pm so I ate some cauliflower rice mixed with cheese and pretty much had to leave immediately after that. It was too long of a day! If not for work and studying, I would have finished season 2 of Ozark! I watched 2 episodes on Friday night and can’t wait to watch the rest of them!

I took my monthly picture and I wanted to share it with y’all. Even though it’s only 5 pounds lost in August, I can see a difference. Can you?

Today, I need to meal prep and wash clothes and dishes, grocery shopping, and church. I’m working on my story, hoping to watch Netflix, have some studying to do, oh Lordy, I just realized it’s going to be another long day!

Have a great Sunday!!!

17 thoughts on “Saturday smash day

  1. Season 2 is when they cancelled Ozarks. You will like Lilyhammer and Murder in the 1st which is on HuLu. I had Starbucks cold brew the other day at the University Starbucks. That was nice and I even noticed some people working there I knew over a decade ago!

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  2. Love that you are so close to the beach! My hubby and I actually took our honeymoon cruise out of Galveston and your picture totally looks familiar. Your pictures look great, and yes, I can see the difference in your face….way to go!

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      1. Yes, they are! I remember being in awe of our boat when we arrived…it was so big! Glad you got your walk on the beach. We live about 100 miles from any beach, but maybe I will make it a reward to get to go there soon.

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  3. Love the photo of that big cruise liner & the beach. I hate driving when it’s raining, other people are so scary when they drive extremely fast! I’m glad you were driving slow & safe. 🙂

    I totally see a diff from August 1 & Sept 1! Go you!

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